BBQ an Fairy Garden Building

The day was a hot one but had been planned for a while and it was a ton of fun..


The Adults had as much fun as the children did..


the kids also thought my little farm was just filled with fun, Patrick was a total suck and a fluffy armful but faith hide and marble stayed out but took limited petting.. all raised the same but temperament will always win  when its a break in routine


this one was made by a under six little girl and she did a great job and more is more 😛


mine was a little frog set up and with a glow in the dark pond, below a better view


My friends did a awesome job on theirs.. so creative


and hubby did a great job on his.. he got some help, maybe another this or that..


Folks loved my rhubarb-mint juice, smacked lips on the spruce tip mayo and adored the strawberry rhubarb compote on custard with whipped cream.. served with loved hot sausages from the grill. One friend brought the most yummy salad and another brought fresh scones that were a delight.

The last friend arrived with chicks and left with a truckful lol and we bartered out a surprise, more on that later

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  1. Sounds wonderful and such a beautiful day: )

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