Shearing Whiskey

This is a short and sweet post..  I did my stretches and made a strong coffee (which would be about the average for most) and went.. All right then.. Lets do this..

I need to shear Ice, her wool did not come off nicely, it was a battle but she is much cooler and I have her in lock down and I will give her a finishing trim before she joins the flock again..

I had to do Junor.. he was my practise run.. not bad.. not bad..


But then came Whiskey, the fleece that I have the biggest plans for, it was the best job I have done to date with my new shears (which by the way, will get their own post in the fall as they are a improvement on the farm item)..


He is fine condition under that o so huge coat of his.. and I got it off in one full piece! YES…


Its good practise as I am looking forward to doing the lambs this fall.. For sure this young ram lamb, loving his black wool.


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2 Responses to Shearing Whiskey

  1. Widdershins says:

    And he has the cutest bib. 🙂

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