Spruce Tip Vinager

O yes, it’s that time of year again.. Spruce Tip season.. so many things to do, such a small window of time to make it happen with the lovely fresh soft tips.. This is to my eye pretty much a perfect tip, it’s on the bigger side, but it’s still soft, light green and still tightly together..



Picked but need to be cleaned.. those paper caps need to come off..


Gave them a rub and then used the bowl and the wind outside allow with my breath to winnow most of it off.. and then hand-picked off the rest..


Now that is a stunning butch of tips.. I had lost the light and used the flash on this photo but the color in real life is outstanding..


Into the pint jar they went and covered in pickling vinegar, some years I use apple Cider, one year I tried it with white wine (that was interesting) and I have tried small batches with red wine and rice wine -play around with it..  place your jar into a cool, dark place and let it sit for at least six weeks, shaking it at least once a week ideally.. then start testing it to see where it sits with your taste buds.

The flavoured vinegar can be used in many ways.. but think of it as a northern Balstmic and you are ahead of the game in melding of flavours but if you tried some of the different wine or rice.. the basic under tones typically are citrus like..

I will do a few recipes with it later in the year.. now is the putting it up time 🙂

for more ideas.. check out my overview page on how to use Spruce tips 🙂


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9 Responses to Spruce Tip Vinager

  1. WOW! I have these in the garden = I shall send the girls out to pick some today – we are doing chive flower vinegar today too! Thank you.. c

  2. valbjerke says:

    I usually use mine to make spruce tip jelly – which goes well with game meat 🙂

  3. loridorchak says:

    How unusual! Have no spruces here. How does it taste?

  4. (sorry for commenting here, hope that is OK) You had asked to be included on my Homesteading/Simple Living blog list & also sharing that list on your own blog when complete. I’m finalizing that list now for publication soon but I need more information from you. Would you please go to your entry on this post & add 2-3 short lines outlining the typical subjects for your posts subjects? Thanks, here’s where you added your blog to the list request –> http://taylormadehomestead.com/calling-all-homesteading-or-simple-living-blogs/

  5. Probably an obvious answer here; but do you filter and decant into a vinegar-proof bottle after the six weeks?

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