Farm Sale..

Well, my best buy was this full bedroom set.. the full sized dresser, matching mirror, two end tables and full bed set.. also picked up a sweet little white five drawers dresser as well as a awesome Food Warming box for over a cast iron stove, went pretty light to the sale and came home with jingle in my pocket.. O and I thought I bought a box of really great hats, caps and warm winter hats and it turned out to have a working oversized bread maker in it to boot LOL


This picture does not do it justice but it what I got.. it needs deeper in color in real life.. but its really well made..


All of them are solid wood..  Miss Magic Marble is showing off the mirror for you..


But now lets get to the sale itself, a 5 generation sale, and so much stuff for sale, these photos just show a smidge of what was there.. 11 loaded wagons an so many others.. its just a selection, this was a solid 8 hours of move it, move it sale..


Lots of amazing things for doing your own wool to yarn.. and so many sewing machines.. of all sizes, makes and models from over a 150 plus years of family life..


So MUCH STUFF.. there was so many collector things that was crazy.. some of it was in excellent shape, other was in ok and some was just poor at this point but all was interesting.. the prices where all over the place.. some things that I thought would go for a few dollars, went for hundreds and other things that I felt should go for 50 to 100 to 200 dollars went for two or five dollars..


This one of those pieces that should have gone for hundreds, it was stunning, no water damage, no rot, all turned and in stunning condition for its age, it was a amazing sideboard and it went for 55 dollars.. If I and a girlfriend had not already filled the truck we had come in and then called hubby to come and filled the second truck.. this beauty would have come home with me..



Now for some just old odds and ends photos.. I am pretty sure this was a iron wheelchair.. wonder what year that was the norm and wondered of course.. why did a family member up in it?  I so often wish that the history of items came with them..


this one amused me, the tree had grown though the piece, they cut it and hauled in for the sale, stump and all LOL


Just loved this big old truck.. so many memories from my childhood in this one.. It was a sale that the weather put those that came for the day though it all, from warm and sun to cold winds, light rains, good rain and back to sunshine..

Do you farm sale?  I am hoping to get to a few more for sure this year.. We really emptied out the house in a major cleaning and repair and painting when we redid all the main floors last year, and I need to fill it back up.. ah, such a hard task.. but I will be grateful to have more storage space..


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10 Responses to Farm Sale..

  1. carolynmcb says:

    Those are some awesome finds! Thanks for sharing the experience.

  2. SO much conversation on FB about this! STILL heart broken…
    Next time, FG?

  3. Jessie Parker says:

    You got an awesome experience. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of it.

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