Mucking out..

what a great day, did some shopping at the feed store, had a date lunch out with hubby and we spent the afternoon and early evening working on the farm..


Cleaned out the rabbit hutches and added more bedding in the inside areas, the litters are looking good so far..


Spent time with crème and Burlee the new goat kids, they are passing all their health checks with flying colors..




we mucked out a good size pen, it was already self-composting in place, got to love well done deep pack and it was added to a number of beds, they will get a dirt dressing on top and it will be for the very heavy feeders


this bed used to be a cold box but it was really in the wrong spot, so I said enough, but we built a hill on the back side, so taking it would be a ton of work, dropped in composting straw bales, then a bird load of mixed bird and rabbit and will cover that will my own done soil and plant it up


Self-seeded something for sure.. but sure what.. pulled some, rabbits like it, will grow some out and see what it turns out to be..



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3 Responses to Mucking out..

  1. Is it just my imagination, or is your mystery plant starting to look just a little frosty like Lamb’s Quarters?

  2. Don’t think that it actually is Lamb’s Quarters, just starting to have that same sort of silvery efflorescence on the secondaries(?)

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