Working Away on the very early spring plantings


While we are cleaning up bed and planting them out for the very early starts, we are also finding new wee growth.. this bed looks bare but got daylilys coming up, the black-eyed Susan is alive, the bloody docks are coming up, see one below, and the back is seeded out into broad beans, the bigger areas are seeded into scotch curly kale, self-seeded dark russian dill seed and when its time weather wise, I will put a row of marigolds in the front, I had an over wintered Brussel sprout but pulled, sadly, none of the kale in this bed overwinter


This bed is all planted out for early spring, we have pea’s on the fence line, broud beans on the outside row and all kinds of salad green seeds over it, only the half moons are still to be planted and I will do them soon into early beets, I should be planting and replanting parts of this bed three times over the season


My wild violets are starting to come up, I think its time to split some of these apart and make  bigger bed for them 🙂


O the walking onions got busy, an so did we, they will get their own post but we made a new full bed for these.. what a great plant


Comfrey is up, as is horseradish, rhubarb, and strawberry plants are popping their heads up and I .. am sure there is to be found as we get busy on the spring cleanup we are early this year, normally we do not plant till second weekend in april but so be it


And with that we had better get back to it, I am planning on digging up some sunchokes later today to help make supper 🙂


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5 Responses to Working Away on the very early spring plantings

  1. Hope you’re all thawed out by now.
    They’re predicting snow every day but one, from now until Friday; so, counting yesterday, that’ll be a full week’s worth… (March is finally getting even?):

    • No snow here at this time and some things are frozen, some is thawed by a inch or two at max and other areas are good for a foot plus, it just depends on where on the farm.. but we are to have better temps then that here.. Enjoy your cold snap.. I had mine in March, so I am ready for the warmer temps.

  2. Pam says:

    In central Idaho, we still have snow in the black timber but the temps have been in the 50’s. I have No excuse. Thank you for the inspiration I really needed.

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