March- Invest in the farm

Well, Its the last day of march and with 31 days in a the month, I honestly thought I would have a series of photos, a funny story and some bats of fleece to show you.. and instead, I am stumped to point..

Between Snow, rain, more rain and more bitter cold along with a personal issue that shook the regular planned events a bit, I never got out the big New Electric Sheep shears..1_0x0

This is not a little set, this is not a cheap set, this is a heavy duty pro-set that cost more then I want to admit even gotten at the 65% off..  and I am looking forward to learning how to use them, I have a few half wool-half hair sheep that I intend to practise on, , as much as I would like to say that I can use Ice’s very full wool coat, the truth is, its in very poor shape and will be used in the garden



However, I have high hopes for Whiskey’s and Apple Jacks fleece’s.. I have later plans for them, they will be put to good use and perhaps, just perhaps I will in fact learn how to spin my own wool but honestly unlikely..


I will use it to make wool covered soaps, I will badly needle felt it, but I will like the end results, I will make felted dryer balls for ourselves and as gifts and I will find lots of ways to use it on the farm..  I will take ice’s wool and after a bit of prep work, I will use it to stuff cracks in the barn with it..  It will gift a certain girlfriend or two with some wool to play with, because they love it and that’s what friend do 🙂

So March’s invest in the farm is a full kit and set of pro sheep shears.. more on that to follow when I get to it..

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3 Responses to March- Invest in the farm

  1. judy says:

    VERY interested in seeing how your clippers work out! How many blades came with your clippers?
    I agree soooooo many ways to use wool

  2. I got two sets of clippers and a third that is for dogs as well.. huh

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