The Weekend Part 2

What a day, in some ways it was great, the folks who put it together did a great job, the hotel did a wonderful job and the folks I shared the day with were fab folks..


the paid seminar was mind numbingly boring and a total waste of my money.. I rarely expect to take a course where everything is new, I am looking for small tidbits of information and I normally get that..

What I got this time..  well, I got.. to be honestly I got snarky.. I was that person, the very person, that I would hate to have in my own talks, my whole table was “that table” the one that he really hoped would not raise their hand once again.

because at no point did any of us ask a question but instead our hands where flying up to correct information or details..

While the basic information was correct, the level of it was so low in its own way, I was just ready to moan.. I was a permaculture zombie..


So the big “surprise was use whey” which those that have been reading my blog, I have been talking about using milk, whey in the gardens and the fruiting trees for years now.. and I shook my head because he was like.. no one in Canada knows this.. really, because he learned if from a old farmer in Quebec, and I learned if from farmers in Alberta and when I did a little digging, the date and the studies are all over the AUS.

The second big one.. mow in stripe to keep your useful bugs alive..  honestly I paid 75 dollars to learn to cut my pruning on a angle, to use Whey in the garden and to leave higher mowing for the bugs..

The speaker is a good speaker, but he is a teacher..  and it so shows.. he is used to being in charge and those around him are hanging on his words, that when he is asked a question that he does not know the answer to.. (which was done by a number of folks) he pauses, and then changes the subject..

Really dude! Would it be so hard to just say.. I am unsure of that small part of information and I would need to do some research into that.. I say, I am not sure on that, I will dig it out and hopefully have a answer next time I am asked about it, does anyone here having anything to share on this..

I was in that bad spot of, just leave and call it because its so not worth it, and stay because you paid for it and maybe, just MAYBE there will be something useful if I just wait it out..

I spent the whole day, I listened and I doodled.. and I doodled, and I can honestly say, that for this course.. it was a true waste of my day.. and while I know he was big on the up-sale, buy my book, buy my video, pay to come for a tour and so forth..

Unless you are just starting out and you have lots of money.. Miss him.. its not worth it, there are many more reasonable priced events, and a solid number of free events that can teach you these same basics, and one good book on permaculture will cost you 20 to 30 and will provide you with more life long bang for you buck..

You know, I think this is the first time in years and 50 plus seminars that I have attended over the past 11 years that I have been this unhappy! and have to say, If someone asked me, attend or not.. the answer would be.. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

and then I drove home on dry roads (which was nice) and came home to great homecooked meal from hubby and had a lovely evening on my farm..

Up next..

  •  Seed starting
  • Sheep milking
  • Cheese making
  • Raising Baby Quail without Game bird feed
  • Curing duck breasts..

But tomorrow, I need to get us caught up on my no buy feb updates 🙂

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4 Responses to The Weekend Part 2

  1. Wow, I am SO sorry that your weekend turned to be a bust! Can’t stand the “up-selling” thing either; so that would’ve soured me right off the bat!

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