The Weekend :) Part one -Saturday

I will go back and answer all the comment posts, I love my comments 🙂

What a weekend..  Some of the things will get a broken down posts including a great review of Eco-Farm Days, which once again was a success and the number turn out was huge, it was packed, in some cases standing room only.

I headed out a touch later on Saturday morning for my first day of one of my continuing education programs for 2016, and the first event was quite good, I was able to pick up the full seminar for pasture grazing (mob grazing and so forth) and ….

then I got a message, call home.. and as I had left hubby with a expecting ewe, I thought it would be about lambs.. NOPE

We had a water leak in our big basement to the new area of the house and he was trying to deal with moving things, wet vac and set up ways to stop the water from working its way across the room more..

Its tricky to explain on the blog but in the most basic terms the under ground pipes from the well come though the base of the wall and run across the floor a few feet before cut though the cement wall to the cellar for the older part of the house where all the plumbing and water tanks and pumps etc are.

The water appeared to be coming in from the pipe coming in, this would be very bad indeed.. as it would mean a underground frozen broken pipe an bringing in a backhoe to dig lines..  so I headed back to the farm..

Got here and took a good look at it and realizes that it was not coming from the pipe but from the wall where the pipe came in.. Called my big brother and talking it though.. we figured out what the heck had happened..

So you remember that we had crazy cold, Everything froze and I said, my plants should be ok because there is a sheet of ice covering the ground, then the storm and the cold came. three feet of snow give or take a inch or two on either side came down on top of the ice and then we went up in temp.. and it rained for 12 hours at plus 7..

So the water running off the roof, and the water-rain melting that snow pack and itself needed to go somewhere and normally, it would have drained away from the house.. but its hard to drain when its all sitting on a sheet of ice and so the water went to the house and ran down the cement wall and found the weakness in the area that the pipe comes in, and we had a flood.

the snow pack got shoveled off, and the edger and the shovel cut in drain lines away from the house and within an hour the water leak had stopped (now in the dry heat of summer, we will need to work on repairing the area coming into the wall itself but for now.. as long as the water is draining properly (which is has for the last years) it should not be a issue.

However, in the basement, we appear to have water damaged bookcases, and other items, some things can be saved and others are damaged to the point of repair..  Per my brothers advice, we took off the bottom three feet of the wall, plastic and fill and put the fans on it to properly dry it all out, as we do NOT want damp creep up the walls..

We thought from the water that we would have more damage, but hubby found it fast, and (thank you for the wet vac) we had much less wall damage then we expected..

I figure we should be able to repair and replace for around a thousand give or take, and I am grateful that it will be all stuff that we can do ourselves, which will keep costs down.

(just to keep things interesting, we also had a new set of twin lambs born on Saturday as well, doing great.. nursing and strong)

So back I headed to the event (I spent way to much time driving) and missed some of the things I wanted to attend, but I had a great visit with friends, was gifted some great new seeds for plants, went out for supper with friends and spent the evening talking about plants and things as I was staying overnight as we had a very early start to the next day for the Sunday Event Seminar.


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