First lamb of 2016 and fresh milk for the house

Bubbles had a huge single lamb, which is just perfect, it means I get to milk her as the second lamb.. Fresh Milk! YES!

Its been a busy day, and its not done yet, so I am just popping in..  to share the good news and wee fluffy(sort of, still has some birthing fluid on it) cutey!


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6 Responses to First lamb of 2016 and fresh milk for the house

  1. loridorchak says:

    Lovely! What do you do with the milk? Our neighbors milk 100 ewes a day and make the m o st beautiful cheese.

  2. Awww! So fun! Ours are on their way in April, so I can soak in yours while we wait. 🙂

    • With my big barn, its safe to let them lamb out early and because I have limited pasture land, it is a very good thing that the lambs are older and stronger when they move out onto pasture. Enjoy, I will get photos of the new ones up soon.

  3. judy says:

    Now is that baby PERFECT or what!!!!
    Raised a lot of sheep but never have tasted the milk but will give it a try soon.

    • Yes, you should, I find it to rich to drink as milk but to use in cooking, yogurt, cheese making or as cream in coffee, its amazing.. I have even chilled and skimmed cream on the top to make sheep butter, everyone tells me that it should not be but I have still done so.

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