more snow….



thank you ladies, we have been hunkered down, we have been shoveling, we have been fence fixing and nailing up extra boards as the snow is drifting, hubby had to climb a ladder and climb  over six foot pens and jump into snow drifts on the other sides to dig doors and pens out.. snowshoes and sleds.. my girlfriend was out on the plows for longer then can be.. they say more is coming next week..

we have had power blips, we missed pickup on our food box, so no fresh fruit or veggie on no buy feb, our boxes went to the local food bank, because we did not get off the farm..

I will do my feb no buy round up post tonight.. but this only having hubbies laptop shared while mine in shop and the storm is really slowing me down.. keep warm, keep safe..


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10 Responses to more snow….

  1. Lake Lili says:

    I am committing the joint sins of envy and covet your snow… we got 30+mm of rain here on The Rock… not good for our ski hill… prayers that a little of your white stuff comes our way.

    • Ooh, be careful what you ask for, Lili!
      Had a friend from Corner Brook who skiied at Marble Mountain…

      • Lake Lili says:

        Hope they enjoyed it! Its a great hill and we are there all the time – handy it being so convenient to town and all. But we have had such bad snow this year that every little bit would help… we got more rain today… 😦

      • Yes, (winter??) weather’s been abysmal, here in Ontario, this year as well): My friend was a Patroller down there, back in the 80’s…

  2. Hope things are starting to settle down for all of you, there on the farm.
    Stay safe and pace yourself, hey?

  3. meixinmom says:

    Stay safe and warm up there! I have been thinking of you all.

  4. judy says:

    Your pics are beautiful! Stay warm & safe

  5. Living in Houston, it’s been a long time since I reveled in snow. Lovely photos!

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