Seeds order to date 2016 – Updated Version

Well, I think I am pretty much done shopping for new seeds, I will be attending a local to me seed swap, so that might bring more few but more likely I will be after locally produced seed for things for my land race programs mainly.


  • soy bean- Envy
  • bush bean- Orca
  • Bean-Tongue of Fire
  • Pole Bean-northeaster
  • Winter Sqaush -Lady Godiva
  • -Black Futsu
  • -Delicata .
  • -Nutter Butter
  • -Waltham Butternut
  • Fortin’s Family Bean
  • Canada Crookneck Squash
  • Canadian Wonder Bean
  • Speckled Cranberry Pole Bean
  • Thibodeau du Comte Beauce Bean
  • Blue Jay Bean
  • Vegetable Spaghetti
  • Arikara Yellow Bean
  • Rattlesnake Snap Bean
  • Waltham Butternut Winter Squash
  • Musquee de Provence Winter Squash
  • Galeux d’Eysines Pumpkin
  • Oka Melon (Oka (Bizard Island Strain)
  • Beets- Macgregor favorite X3
  • Collective Farm Woman Melon X2
  • Des  Vertus Marteau Turnip
  • white Wonder Cucumber
  • all Seasons Cabbage
  • Chantenay Red Cored Carrot
  • Cucumber National Pickling
  • Yellow Solar Carrot
  • Ladies Slipper Achocha X2
  • Crosby’s egyptain Beet
  • Red Wethersfield Onion
  • Giant Musselburgh leek
  • British Wonder Pea
  • Blue Podded Pea
  • Golden Sweet Pea
  • black Russian Broad Bean
  • Ladies Spraybush Broad Bean
  • Flagg Bean
  • Sadies Horse Bean
  • Grandma’s Nellie Mushroom Bean
  • Iroquois Bean
  • Speckled Algonquin bean
  • Doloff Bean
  • Canadian Wonder Bean
  • Jesse Fisk Bean
  • Anne Jackson Pole Bean
  • Arkikara Yellow Bean
  • Jumo Roma Bean
  • Superlative Bean
  • Good Mother Stallard Pole Bean
  • yokohama Sqaush
  • North Georgia Candy  Roaster Squash
  • Sweet Meat Squash
  • Algonquin Pumpkin
  • Norie Des Carmes Melon
  • Longfellow Cucumber
  • There are more but she sent them in French so I am unsure about writing out the French name.. I will be featuring some of them in English..  but this is a rock solid overview.


Herbs,  (you are most likely thinking that is not a lot but I have most of my regulars at this point and either then come back each year, self-seed or I have my own collected seed)

  • Indigo
  • Sweet Marjoram
  • Lady’s Bedstraw
  • White Borage

Fodder ( again, I have most of these already but I like to bring in new genes to the pool while I can..

  • Mammoth Red Mangel
  • Yellow Mangel
  • Ground Breaker Raddish

Some of these are new but many are not, about a quarter are very old Canadian based seeds tracking their roots to the local native tribes, the other quarter are very short season, expanding my home seed collections both for those times of shorter summers and also for rotational planting

The other half mostly are to match saved seeds I already have but in to small of a gene pool, in some cases, I have ordered upwards of the same thing three times over from different growers across Canada, east coast, middle and west coast and I will interplant and work on a “same seed” mini landrace program..

Some are new to me, and are really pushing my zone’s ability to grow them, so we will see..P1050497

So, I am going to follow a girlfriends lead from last year and I am going to have a free for all on using up old seed this year.. somethings hold for years, and that is fine but others are getting old and I will use them all this year as extras..not things to count on..

As crazy as it sounds, I will be starting seeds in about four weeks for a few things.. only 73 days till spring 🙂

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6 Responses to Seeds order to date 2016 – Updated Version

  1. Denise says:

    Very impressive. But, of course I didn’t expect anything less from you.

  2. judy says:

    Just found your site & absolutely enjoying reading about your farm activities!

    We also take a hands on approach with our farm & enjoy knowing our livestock is treated
    humanely! We produce as much of our own food as possible & process it for later use.
    Your seed list looks a lot like ours! LOL Part of gardening is trying new produce you’ve never tasted before. Could you please list the seed companies you are showing in the photos!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts & ideas! Very helpful!

  3. judy says:

    We’re in SK. I don’t have a blog but always welcome meeting like minded friends & hope to share useful ideas with each other.
    We raise all kinds of livestock, fruit trees & brushes, herbs & more. 3 huge gardens help out with our needs.
    Starting to pressure can beef stew to use up our farm raised beef this week. Love the idea of having supper on “THOSE” days!

    Started violets today for Valentine gifts for a few friends. I reused small tin pie plates with plastic lids for mini greenhouses, they work great for this project. I settle the new violets inside cookie baskets & it’s nice to gift something GREEN in winter plus who doesn’t like cookies! LOL

    We’re also starting a few seeds as soon as they come in. Can’t wait! New year, new hopes & of course new WEEDS!!!!!
    You mentioned your land race program…..could you explain please?
    Thanks for listing the seed companies. Judy

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