Sprouting and in house fodder use.

At the moment, the sprouting going on in the house go for us (the humans), Puddin and the quail..

I have larger fodder trays and buckets for the birds outside but none the less, for Christmas I got to move from my jars which I have used very successfully for nine years 🙂 (cheap and reusing what I already have) to formal Sprouting trays, and while I do like what I have getting so for, I am still on a learning curve with them.


Each set is of four trays.. with a bottom drip tray.. I am finding that they need a bit of fiddle work for some of my bigger seeds and I need to move the barley seeds from the dip holes on the sides to get proper drainage.


Still at day five that is some very impressive growth, and I think despite what the book said, that I in fact need to use fewer seeds as they should not be quite this root bound on day 5


Still the Little critters in the house are loving it, while there is always “feed pellet out” and they nibble their hay, they do the dance when they see this coming.. and not a bit is wasted.. It’s funny to see them pull out one and then run away with it, likes it’s the best worm, treat ever!


Puddin just grabs a quarter and pulls it into her girl cave.  right now I have radish, pea’s and mustard seeds all sprouting and of course barley! I got a wire stand this year so that when the trays need to go single file, I can spread them out and not worry about water pudding on the shelf.. a single catch tray before gets the job done just fine..

What about you, do you sprout in the winter time? If so, what are you doing, for yourself or for the critters or for both.. do you do it small-scale or does it take up a goodly space in winter time..


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4 Responses to Sprouting and in house fodder use.

  1. judy says:

    Love your outstanding birds! Beautiful markings! I won’t have thought abut raising adult quails inside. We’ve had some outside in protected buildings but nice to know about inside. Will have to get some more!!

    I’m sprouting beans & wheat after soaking them over night for us. I find sprouts are a fresh addiction to meals etc. during the winter when produce prices are insanely expensive. My sprouter is just a cheap plastic one from the local feed store but works like a charmer.
    But you’ve given me the best idea….THANK YOU!…..I’ve got greenhouse seed trays that we made years ago so I’ll sprouted extra seeds inside them to place in the chicken coop. I usually grow something “green” for the girls during the winter so sprouting would be faster. I think I’ll try hanging small wire baskets from the ceiling filled so they can peck at the sprouts without destroying them in seconds.
    THANKS for sharing your pics! It’s a giggle where you can get great ideas from!

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed the birds, they are so sweet, I do a talk about backyard chickens and quail as of often can be kept in town or city and some even have them in apartments and if set up, they are idea for fresh eggs, there is a couple folks that in the bigger cities like Toronto, offer ready to lay quail for folks.

      Need to walk the walk and do the in house learning as they say, plus they are just sweet as can be.

      The sprouts are indeed a awesome way to get fresh and control the high cost of it in winter! Greenhouse seed trays would work perfect for this I expect, your girls will be excited and your feed costs will go down.. they also lay better and their fertile rates go way up..

  2. Sprouts work very well and on a wide range of animals. Check out http://www.fodderworks.net for more nutritional information and other sprouting equipment.

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