Deviled Eggs Recipe

This weekend has been very busy, leading me to do things that are fast an easy..

What can be easier than a quick tasty snack, with the hens all starting to lay now, its easy to keep a bowl of hard-boiled eggs in the fridge.

A bit of Salt, pepper, mayo and lovely dill is all that is needed to  combine with the yolk, be mashed together, and put it back into the whites shell. The joy is that the eggs have enough yolk that with a bit of mayo to soften, blended till creamy to refill the centers.

  • 6 hard-boiled eggs, (older eggs are best for peeling for fresher eggs, steam them, do not boil)
  • 2 tbsp. of your personal favorite mayo dressing
  • pinch of your best salt, a pinch of your best white pepper, a pinch of good quality paprika, give them a good shake of the freshest dill you can get


if you want them more pretty, put mix in a piping bag and fill them that way, as this is just us, and a snack, I filled them back with the spoon




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6 Responses to Deviled Eggs Recipe

    • I know right, I can make a dozen of them at a time, they are so good, when hubby finds them.. all gone LOL but what a great protein snack to whip together when you come in.. plus a great way to eat eggs cold as most dishes have them served hot. While I like my very basic, I have a little cookbook that as 101 ways to make them for different flavours..

  1. Kathleen says:

    I put garlic powder in mine, yummy. In a pinch a baggie with the corner cut off make a great substitute pipping bag.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hey, thanks FG (I was just wondering about what to have for lunch; ) and that’s a great tip about steaming “freshies”! So, can you then peel them, once they’re steam cooked?
    Personally, I really like it when the filling’s piled high on Devilled Eggs (plus there’s usually one that cracks, anyway): so I just cook an extra egg and use the cracked one – white and all – as extra filling. Then, because you’ve added a whole egg and “thinned out” the colour, I add a touch of Turmeric to the mix to re-intensify the yellow… There’s not really enough that you can taste it; plus turmeric is SO good for you (especially at this time of year: )
    And, I just now saw your comment to Cecilia; ) So, sometimes I’ll add a pinch of Cayenne, or really smoky Paprika [or both; ] 101 Variations of Devilled Eggs? AWEsome!
    Well, I’m off to boil up some eggs; but hey, speaking of pots; have you ever had dill going on the windowsill for Winter? (To me, it just never seems to taste as nice dried ): Hmm, now where is that Dill Seed that I tucked away… (Did you know that dill can stay viable for seven years?: ) See you later!!

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