Bavarian Sourdough Starter

Its Here!!

The Bavarian Sourdough Starter, I ordered it from ebay, see the information supplied below and it arrived in the mail.. I will get busy getting that baby started and growing, I am excited for when I will post my first bread from it, he has a number of starters available.. and I plan on making my own grape starter again, so I might mix it up between this new starter and few others to see which one I like best.

One of the things that impressed me was the rise on this one compared to my self- grape caught one, it has a nice sour dough flavour to it, but it does have a good or great rise, its just ok.. This one is to have a very nice rise to it even when used with some of the darker and heavier flours.

It took a little longer to get here but that is normal where I live, the mail never comes as fast as other think it should..  but he (the seller) had good follow thought, I got my email with recipes and information from him in a timely manner.. So if the starter is as good as the service, I will be a happy farmgal

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I am working towards moving away from the commercial yeast.. As in all available commercial yeasts are now the same single yeast strain.. Not that it does not do a great job raising your bread but just as I would never put all my eggs in one basket and only plant one type of corn, or flower or have only one source of meat on the farm, it does not seem like a great idea to only have one source of good quality yeast on the farm.

I supply independent bakeries with a variety of historic sourdough starters, many of which are available nowhere else. I do not advertise and have grown my business strictly through word-of-mouth and in having a reputation of offering only the best sourdough starters in the industry. I also maintain a repository for rare and historic cultures that are being preserved for future generations. These historic cultures are now available to the general public.

I believe this culture to be one of the finest European starters available. It makes the wonderful bread that has become associated with the southern part of Germany. And, as one would expect, it comes with quite an interesting and rich history as well.  Oral history indicates that this starter dates back to around the period of Germany’s Black Death (1633) and originated in or near the town of Oberammergau.  It literally took me years to track down a reliable German culture from this time period



This is the only historic German starter I’ve been able to locate that has been passed down through one single family for almost 400 years. The bread it leavens is absolutely fabulous. Having been born and raised in Bavaria (not far from Oberammergau), I remember this as the bread I ate as a young child in the 1950’s. How fortunate I was in having found it. It is one of my favorite starters and now I share it with you.

 you will be emailed several PDF files which include the history of your starter, recipes and a handbook/guide, all totaling over 20 pages.  My sincere best wishes to you in your quest for the perfect sourdough. Thank you for looking and happy baking!

check him out on Ebay! if you want to order some for yourself

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3 Responses to Bavarian Sourdough Starter

  1. Kathleen says:

    I have been keeping sourdough for a few years now and hardly use commercial yeast anymore. I sold bread at the market the past two summers and now I have people coming to my home.

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