Saving Money

Cecilia over at Kitchen Garden posted about saving money on the farm today, and its been rolling around my head since I read it, she is of course totally right, when I save by doing on the farm, that money is kept in the main account, and finds its way to being spent..

There is two interesting points to this.

I do bypass this in one way already, I have auto draws for RRSP, Tax Free Savings accounts and Savings Acounts, so I am saving in the sense of the money I save on the farm is part of the reason, that we can take those off each paycheck right off the top.

But I also use this a different way.. often I will set short term goals, example, tighten the belt for a month to NOT spend a extra hundred to couple hundred over a month in order to buy a larger ticket item, so again, to a point I am doing what she said, by not spending, that cash is there for the item that we plan on getting..

However, I am interested in the idea of could we find a way to put “something” that the farm saves for this coming year towards a goal in mind..

The question is what, and to be honest.. I am just not sure.. Part of me want to track things and figure out the savings for garden-food.. but that means I will need to have a tracking year two years in a row.. I was looking forward to tracking a few things this year, otherwise having freedom from scales..

However as the garden is fact the biggest planned money saver for the year, which means its the clear winner, but if you are talking about food as in groceries, then I need to expand the data.. it means that I need to include things like eggs, milk, cheese and meat.. Which makes this a pretty darn big project indeed.

It also means I have to take the time at least once a month and figure out what the costs of the food are, and not as my hubby likes to do.. when he wants to count the cheapest in food price he can get..

Example, he will look at the cheapest med eggs in the store. 2.39 and use it, but you and I both know that most of my eggs are a) large or extra large or jumbo, and two, they are free range, as close to organic as I can get them.. which is more like the 4.99 at farm boy eggs 🙂

(on a side note, it might be interesting to my readers from all over N.A. and the world to get a true look at local to Ottawa, Ontario food prices to compare to their own)

While in the flush of winter, it seems like a great idea, come july or sept, when I at times feel I barely have time to turn around.. it will not! Also I do count on those savings for use on the farm running costs. so I would need to figure out not only the savings but what percent I would want to put away for the big ticket item.. (the item can be figured out at a later point).. I think it a good idea, I just need to figure out how to either do a lot of the work now in winter or to make it streamlined for when times get busy..

Watch for more on this coming soon.. Thoughts? What percent do you think should be saved? Should it be a monthly report? or quarterly?

To see the whole post, see the link below, i have taken out that part I want to talk about..

I have always said that farming does not make a lot of money but it does SAVE money. If you seed save and make your own compost vegetables cost almost nothing to grow. Processing is the biggest cost for Grass fed beef and pork raised on vegetables, milk and eggs come in way below anything you can buy at the supermarket. (Chickens are more expensive though). If I have bred and raised the animals myself – I am saving even more off the food bill. Milk and butter and cheese are literally a bonus after feeding the animal on grass. My grocery bill can be really small. So I really do save the household budget a significant amount of money.

But unless I actually SAVE the money I am saving then it is not saving at all is it!

Once the equation has worn itself out there will be a number of dollars left over, these dollars need to be taken out of my household account and deposited into the farm account. Literally. Letting them just slide out the door on the backs of other expenses is not saving at all. Do you see?

I have skipped having my hair cut (and coloured but don’t tell anyone that I am not a natural blonde) so that money needs to be taken out and saved into the travel account too. Do you see what I mean?

Likewise quitting smoking or stopping drinking to save money. SAVE THE MONEY! If you get a raise – SAVE that money. Or if you give up Starbucks on the way to work or make your own lunch. Take it out of the household account and save it into your savings account.

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4 Responses to Saving Money

  1. dreamfarming says:

    I read the Kitchens Garden as well. (I probably found you through a comment there). This post has made me think as well. We are living where we live to save up for land. However we don’t seem to be saving up as much as I had hoped. The money slips our quietly when we aren’t looking. I am going to research the difference between our current bills and the bills we would have if we weren’t renting from family. Hopefully I will find that we can shift more into savings every month.

  2. sunrisejones says:

    I love you post. Very informative

    • Hi and Welcome to the blog, I am glad you liked it, I mix things up a lot on the blog and it moves with the seasons of the farm but being frugal and thoughtful in regards to what we are doing with the land is something that is touched on though out..

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