Stepping out of my comfort Zone

No photos from this event as hubby stayed home that day, but I did another couple public speaking event in aug.

I did a backyard chicken and Quail talk, well, I meant to do that but it ended up that the focus was on chickens, lots of questions and feedback, I did bring speaking notes, which helped keep me on point but I am also ways that I do a lot of free flow in terms of answering questions from the folks that attended.

Then I did a critter kit overview.. love my critter kits..

Then I did a talk on training your eye and creating a wild food map..

This was a interesting talk, it covered the basics of learning , shape, color and movement, using  the seasons to find and forage wild food both in country and city.. Creating a food map.

Where I lost everyone was when I asked what to do in each of the four seasons  in regards to learning and a tracking info.

So before I write the answer here in a day or two… hopefully with quotes from readers..

In spring, you look for flowers, marking trees or bushes on your map and on the bush to find later, you would also track water movements and so forth..

But this one appears to be the one that surprised most.. what are the big things in winter that you would be watching for.. in regards to creating your food map..

An GO!

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