Out of dry lot

The pasture is doing great, we have at least half the pasture is high enough that above sheep belly height, we also let the grasses go to seed to help fight the clover, and now we have released the adults from the dry lot, we will feed out a small amount of fresh this years first hay cut in the back barn, as the horses like to have a bit of hay to munch when the horse flies are bad and it helps greatly for them to hide.


It was great to see the whole herd out, lambs, juno the doeling and the horses of course. The ewes that have been out are all shed out where the ones in dry lot have not shed out as much, but hopefully will soon.

Even better is the amazing growth rates on all but one of the lambs, they are huge. only my wee female ewe lamb scrunchy is not growing, she is still wee in size.. her sister is massive, as big as the ram lambs who are already as tall and big as most of their mothers

Juno is as tall as the ewes but will need to fill out more before she is bigger. We will see how long it will hold for

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