Off-Grid – Food Producer

I got asked a interesting question, I was asked if I was off-grid, and I smiled and said.. no..

As the common thought on off-grid means you are on solar and wood heat..  pretty much.. I have heard this a far amount this year, off-grid means off the power grid, be that replaced with solar, wind, water or propane.. It means that they still have the things that the rest do but that are more in charge of lives, (Interesting, I think they are more in charge of that one itty bitty tiny part of their life)

So then they said, well are you a homesteader, and I laughed and said, No, my farm has been a farm for over a hundred years now..  I bought a farm.. I am not a homesteader..

So then they thought for a moment and said, are you prepper..  and I said, yes and no.. yes, in the sense of I believe in being prepared for things, the vet is x time away, the doctors are x time away, the nearest store is so far away and so on.. so do we (prep) in the terms of for a ice storm or a possible job loss, yes..  Do I put up a year or plus of food, of course I do, its called a garden, you have to preserve it in order to eat it 🙂

But no, if you mean like what you see on TV.. no and NO again!

So finally she looked at me and said, so what are you! I laughed and said, hard to define.. and left it at that

But the visit stuck in my mind.. I am of course in truth a small landholder..

Which means I own enough land to that I have ag rights but not enough land to be a farmer in the true sense, we will NEVER make enough money on our farm that we would not need a outside source of income.

But that did not sit with me, not really.. I am not a hobby farmer, and I am not a farmer, I am somewhere in the middle..  I rolled this around in my head over and over!

So I have decided that I am a off-grid – 0 mile food producer..

Think about it, someone says they are off grid because they are disconnected from the main power grid.

Well, I am disconnected from the global food system as much as I can make myself.. I work at it all the time..

We raise 100 percent of our own meat, our own eggs, and our own milk, we grow our own fruit, veggies, livestock fodder, pasture an we buy our feed from a local farmer, we buy our hay and straw from our local farmers, we buy grains for our own use from local..  We save seed and when possible buy and support our local heritage seed produces if buying.

You can say.. but farmgal that makes you part of the 100 mile food or the foodie but not really.. its a blend, I mix all the food persevations of a prepper, with all the growing of a old fashioned farmer, with the over reaching and wide circle of self only that a homesteader has, I think that I like the terms.. off grid food producer!

O ya, its mouthful I know.. but it does a better job summing up what we are working for better then any other terms..

LOL, that was fun to write and I am going to like having a answer next time..  Enjoy your day! Now go grow something, pick something or eat some real food..  you deserve it!

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1 Response to Off-Grid – Food Producer

  1. Marie says:

    You’re awesome is what you are! I learn so much from you!

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