My Sweet Little Freeloader..

Miss Puddin is without a doubt one of the few freeloaders on the farm, she earns her keep by being cute, sweet and purring when I pet her. That is a lead in and a connect to a coming post.

DSCN5934However taking it to a more interesting note, I have been able to with about five min worth of work, totally take to Puddin off store feed, she is currently on a fresh greens diet, once my fruit and veggies starts producing, I will be adding in a bit of them, at the moment she gets veggie or fruit scapes from the kitchen, (the pigs in the barn are sad about the lack of house scraps, between Puddin and the chickens and me saving egg shells for the garden) they are having to make due with garden weeding scrapes.

I also so a little sprouting for her, a bit of wheat, or barley or a bit of sunflower seeds, she loves it and I love that am able to feed her off the farm. She also gets her hay rake filled for backup and roughage. I will ideally move her to home cut, dried and stored farm hay as soon as possible.

She was on wild yard greens last year and thrived! I expect that she will do the same this year.


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1 Response to My Sweet Little Freeloader..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    LOL, sounds a lot like when I had Nibbles (the rabbit). What do you do in Winter?

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