White Sweet Potato Bone Broth Soup

We all know that drinking bone broth is all the rage, I mean I swear I have read that it will make you lose weight, have your hair glow and so forth..

All joking to the side, the proven health benefits of bone broth as clear, and it is good for you, I am not sure it can do all the things I have read on the net, but it is full of minerals and gelatin which our modern diet is lacking that’s for sure..

But I find it pretty dang boring at times to be sipping my pint of plain bone broth, if you like it that way, the more power to you..  This recipe is a way to get it in you without it seeming like it.

I liked orange fleshed sweet potatoes, love them, grew them last year, ordered many more plants to grow this year and then I went overboard, I ordered in red skinned with white flesh and purple skinned with white flesh because they are for my zone and I wanted to learn about growing them and compare and so forth..

So can I let you in on a secret, I had never eaten a red skin white fleshed sweet potato, so when I say it in the store, I snapped up two of them.. the first one was tried like a regular mashed sweet and it was ok, like a somehow weaker version of the regular, but good.. it was good, but I went hmmm.. how to take that flavor and make it pop..

The fact that I am calling this a recipe is almost a crime LOL.. but its a simple one, but o my so good..

This made a huge! single serving, or two normal soup size servings to go with a meal.

2 cups of mashed white Sweet potato, one pint (2 cups of high quality pork bone broth), salt and pepper to taste

That is.. heat up together, serve hot and be prepared for rib sticking, will not be hungry for four to five hours goodness. It was so thick, it held the spoon up 🙂


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1 Response to White Sweet Potato Bone Broth Soup

  1. LuckyRobin says:

    I don’t know if it can do all it says it can do, but I do know that 2 of the 3 teeth I had pain in are not longer hurting (but I am also doing oil pulling and using a remineralizing toothpaste). And my knee is doing much better. So I think there is some benefit, but not sure about all of it, either. I will try this recipe. I add enough spices to make my mug not be bland, but I’d also like to do a bit more than that, too.

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