Ice had a lamb after all

Yesterday Ice had a lovely strong active and very pretty ram lamb.. he is doing well, drinking his milk from both sides and while this is Ice’s first time as a mom, she followed in the footsteps of her mother and full sisters..  Easy lambing, excellent natural mothering skills..

DSCN5466 (2)This is the only full wool lamb born on the farm this year, and I am very excited, I have not decided if I will shear him or if I will turn the pelt into a wool hide. I was so excited and said to hubby.. please, please be a girl.. nope its a boy and he does not just have horn buds, he has horns showing at birth..   I am very much looking forward to making horn buttons late in the winter this year.. I have a fancy new little tool set that will allow me to polish and drill holes in them etc

I was very pleased to see that Whiskey did throw his mottled black and white with Ice, I am hopeful that this will mean that she will do this each coming year as well..

The second great news is that Ice was got as my milking sheep and with her having a single only, I will be able to start milking her right away, I will give baby three to five days of just mom and then I will start share milking.


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7 Responses to Ice had a lamb after all

  1. Sheri says:

    Surprise! For me it’s kinda hard to read a post like this. I see this fella being sheered each year and making future babies, not being turned into a wool hide pelt but I do understand the farm process….but his face is so sweet!

    • I will admit that If I could keep him I most would, sure a sweet looking ram, and if it had been a female, I was hoping to keep back, but alas, I can not use another ram.. sigh… it helps if I get my mind settled now! on what will happen, its so much harder if I think I might be keeping and then end up not.

      • Sheri says:

        I know how you feel and I respect that you have to keep a good herd on a set amount of land. I have been cleaning out my strawberry beds and only the young can survive. It’s hard to believe I started with 6 plants. Talk about fast producers! Never thought I’d see the day when I’d be tossing my mama’s into the compost bin.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Oh geez, too bad he’s a boy – such a gorgeous little babe. LOVE the teeny horns. (No wonder he’s keeping a safe distance): Such a heart-breaker, eh?

    • I know, what a looker, so wish it was a little girl but fate takes care of that one.. very bonded to his big momma and she to him, she is so proud of him, when I coo to her, such a good momma she will relax but she looks me right in the eye and then leans down and touches him.. like this one is mine.. Very pleased that she is so sweet with him.. Not all of them are

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Oh dear! It’s almost like she already knows… *Sigh* Sometimes life really sucks!!

      • No, no nothing like that Deb, she does not know.. you have to understand that I have been trying to friend this girl since she came to the farm last year.. and she was a total wild thing

        Her breeder said to me.. if you spend time with her when she lambs she will calm and learn that you are safe, she is right, I am struggling a bit dealing with the very different temperament that this wool sheep have, I have had my hair for ten years and they are very different

        Anyway, she is trying softly to tell me that he is hers.. and she will be like that until she weans him and then she will not care and it will be months after that, before he will go to freezer camp in the late fall by then she will not even call for him after he is gone.. sad but true

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