First in person visit with juno

I needed to head off the farm for a bit as not one but two girlfriends where holding chicks for me, at the one farm, I was also picking up a silver duck hen and a lovely hatched last year pure huge maran what a great bird she is! Chicks and breeds and crosses in another post

I have known star at my friends for a couple years now, she is a nice big goat, throw twins or triple kids every year, nice udder, lots of milk and as sweet and steady as they come, she is juno*s momma.

DSCN5447its spring on the farm, I like that she is showing of her dirty knees, she  active that’s for sure, half pure Saanen on dads side, mom is a mixed girl of meat and dairy. while it does cost more to feed the bigger goats I like the blend, she is a soft cream and white in color


Nice long body, soft and steady even as a kid.. I like it. She will stay with her mom till the end of may, first week of june or so to get the best start in life on momma milk and she will find it easier to come over once the pasture is up and going



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