March Photo Challenge 2015- 11th

Well, I wanted to get photos of my chickens today..  after I took the photo, I looked and went.. hmmm.. looking a little rough from their two months of winter lock down..  Boy are they enjoying their outside fresh air, sunshine, they have some lovely straw bales in their outside pen for them to sit on.

DSCN5023The Ducks came though winter with flying colors other then I lost almost all my hens to the fox or the coy-wolf, bringing me into spring with one chocolate and White Hen and Drakes, this will not due.. One drake has been sold to a friend, three will need to be butchered and the best two will be held back and another hen or two will join the flock.


I will include a review on my poor frost bite boy.. he is going to lose that whole comb but he is going to be just fine, strong and healthy otherwise..


Feel bad for him but as you can see on the others, he was the only one that got bite.


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