Wells, Water and more Water..

I am going to be busy again today with adding in a few extra things but I will do my best to get at least two more posts up today, if I get in writer mode, I will get that last post caught up on the Wartime Challenge..

What do you say is keeping me hopping..

So having a bit of fun with water and wells, so two nights ago it was mild enough that we turned on the pipe that leads to the one barn, wanting to be able to use the hoses to fill things up, and nothing, but hubby thought he closed the pipe, which in fact did not happen. so at some point in the night, it ran and ran and ran.. woke up to the sounds of my water system whining in the cellar and sure enough we had run the dug well for the house dry.. sigh..

Big Back Well is a drilled well but its not online yet as its froze, so we have water for the house but need water for the farm critters, popped the top off our 3RD well which is a old dug well and yup, water, so we will be hauling up buckets of water for the critters today till the dug well fills back enough to put the system on again..

I knew there was a reason that I was so pleased that my farm came with three different wells.

But as it was melting, and water was running on all our roof collection systems, we hauled out 55 gallon barrels, which all filled and then twice, needed to be emptied and moved to more 55 gallon barrels, we also set up one of our roof systems to fill the big water trough and by the end of yesterday, it was full to the brim and we had moved it to collecting in a second system..

At this point, we have a number of days worth of water for the farm ready to go, lots and lots of water to be hauled in for grey water use in the house, and we are good on drinking water, its so much fun heating water to wash, heating water to do dishes and floors and so forth..  and of course it takes a full five gallon bucket to flush..

Now we have started the process of figuring out how fast at this time of year the main house well will refill or if we will have to call to have it filled.. We do have refill but its going to take a couple days from the looks of it..

Good day to practise using one pot cooking, it worked well with the energy saving in regards to the wartime challenge.

But despite the challenges of the day, and there was the water challenge, then there was the appointment for my food eating which included my old homework continuing and my new homework being added on..


We still needed to have some fun as well, so after supper, all chores done, we played redneck badminton, that is when you try up binder twine between to trees across your driveway, and if it goes in the snow its out LOL


I won but I think the fact that poor hubby was looking at the sun while playing, as you can see.. it was on handcap, it lead to many laughs but I gave him a three point lead.. it did not help, Way back in the day, this was one of my most favorite sports, I played both doubles but I loved singles! I was so excited when hubby gave me a set for Christmas.  We are going to set up a better place to play later in the season..


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6 Responses to Wells, Water and more Water..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Glad you got the water situation figures out finally; but it sure does take a lot of time and effort to go back to the old “haul a bucket, and heat it as you go”, eh?
    If your’s are like up at The Farm, I’m guessing the dug wells are ground-source and they’ll fill when they get around to it… But, on your drilled well, if you can set it up that the amount your pump pulls (or pushes) can’t out-draw the amount of water coming in, that could prevent this from happening in the future.
    Thank goodness it’s Spring and you’ve got a tonne of snow melting off all of the roofs(or is that rooves?) to use as a backup water source: ). I would like to hook up all the eavestroughing here to a cistern. (Y’know, just in case…)

  2. Sheri says:

    Wow! The challenges you have when a well runs dry! FYI, I’ve been following some reports here in Washington State and apparently the University of Washington and horticultural associations are presenting evidence to Olympia (State Capitol) that the state is heading for a drought and citizens need to be preparing for a drought. I wasn’t sure if I would be effected but I will be because our mountain snow pack is down and only at 35%. This is serious. I’m going to be hauling in more some more containers to stock harvested rain water from my roof and I’ve got a mountain of chips to lay down to help hold the moisture through the summer months.

    • Thankfully the well went up 18 inches or so today, so another day or two and it will be filled enough to start using it carefully, but yes, because our little farm is a feast an famine in regards to water, we have developed a lot of 2nd and 3rd and 4th ways to collect and keep water for the critters, As for the gardens, we do dry land planting, we do mulching, hugelculture beds and so forth.. we are always trying to find and learn and plan for ways to deal with drought.. the pastures is something that we will be working on, we need to create swells to slow down the water drainage in certain areas, and we are going to build at least one more pond this year for sure.. It can be done, you just need to find little ways and they all add up.

      • Sheri says:

        Good plans putting in those swells and a pond. I remember farmers down in the Mojave desert building huge reservoirs. A rock guy would haul in lava stone to make fish hiding spots then they would call in a cement company that would blow a cement/fiberglass coating into them. After the pond plants were established then they would stock it with fish, some were pond cleaners and some for eating.

  3. Kathleen says:

    We are dreaming of having running water in the barn. We have two dug wells here, one for the house and one for the barn. We take a bucket of hot water to the barn to defrost and prime the pump. Then I pump and hubby runs with the buckets, I can’t stop pumping or we lose the prime. Been a long winter, and still getting snow and freezing rain here. Four does ready to freshen any day and two weeks for the gilts to farrow. My timing was bad on my part, need to start my seeds.

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