March Photo Challenge 2015 -3rd


The only way to get this photo was through a window, otherwise the starlings would not stay when I would open the door, but my first two arrived on the farm today!  and yes, I know my pen looks messy, but hey, spring cleaning and repair is coming.


Miss Puddin and her daily treat, she loves her Celery, my sweet wild hairs little pig!


Time for some seed germination tests to start..

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3 Responses to March Photo Challenge 2015 -3rd

  1. Sheri says:

    I don’t think anyone expects your fowl habitat to be pretty, especially with all that snow. As long as they are safe and happy, that’s what matters. I love Miss Puddin, when I was young I took in a Guinea pig, they are very sweet. I also had a pet Lab rat named Joe. He was real sweet and very smart! I had several other Joe’s over the years. I did get to the garden these last 2 beautiful days and planted one raised bed. First I had to remove and replant all the strawberry babies! Dug it all out and put in red potatoes at the bottom, then above that garlic and topped it with 4 different salad greens. My theory is everyone needs to get along with each other, if not I’ll reseed later and try something else. Last year I put strawberry Mama’s in the four corners but that’s not going to happen this year. I have 2 more raised beds to clean out of strawberries but no one has their yards protected to keep the deer off of them. I also put in 3 types of pole Peas. Beans will be just a bit later after I get the rows and frames up. Winter has been so mild here on the coast, snow pack is only at 35%. I need to get 2 more rain barrels installed!

  2. Sheri says:

    Yes, We caught on the news your storm hitting you. We normally get hit with at least 1 good snow storm that comes down the Frazier River Valley but not this year. For the last 7 years we did have some very hard long freezes that took out a lot of trees and plants here. I lost all but one small artichoke 2 winters ago. Didn’t even attempt to replant them last year but I do have some seed I saved! I need to get off island and get my onion starts, lost most of those last year when installing the new deer/rabbit fencing. That horseradish I harvested, I decided to replant all the tops in big containers. I’m going to try growing them “contained” and just dump one out when I need some roots and then replant it back in the pot. I have to be very careful with plants that run in my soil. The one’s I tried canning up were a fail except for 3 jars that sealed. Don’t know if I’m gonna try that again because I really do like the fresh much better. I’ll fiddle-faddle with the fails and see how they taste but I’m prepared to toss to the compost pile.

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