Sweet Treat.. Fast = Tarts..

So when I was home at my moms last fall, I saw a tv ad that had a phone call from mom and she would be there in n hour and the daughter has nothing to serve with tea and reaches for a cake mix..

teapots 004

well, lets be honest here, you can whip up a from scratch cake in the same time but having said that I do have a cheat on making a fast treat, I like to keep a package of prepare tarts in the freezer..

Here is the easy as it gets, dessert and or tea treat.. preheat oven or even better, piggy pack making these when oven in use or if you have a bake feature in your toaster oven use it, It will cost less to  heat the space.


Take out as many tarts as you will need for the visit, dig out your best jams or fruit butters, one heaping teaspoon in each tart and into the oven it goes for 12 to 18 min till golden brown and filling is bubbly, ideally let cool and set up for five but can be served warm or cold..

if you want to get fancy, make up some fluffy whip cream and place a dollop on each one, but its really not needed.



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