March Pantry Challenge 2015- 30 days of War Time Meals

Normally march challenge is us living out of the pantry but the truth is we just did that for a month of no buy feb  As always I invite others to join me if they want.. even if you only want to do one meal a week or just share your families favorite recipe.

So this year I need to do a different March Pantry Challenge, the question really is what to do.. it must be food related.. it must be somehow related to my pantry, storage or putting up of food, or frugal food.


After thinking about it, I decided that this year, I would do a World War 2 and ration Meals in honor of my step-father Ken, he was raised though it and I remember some of the stories he told..

After some reading and digging around, its going to be a mix of wartime info, rations info, and wartime food recipes. A mix of information between Canadian and England at the time.. I am not sure where we will end up on any given day but I am looking forward to the challenge.. I think having talked to hubby that we are going to follow week to week how the rations were applied during and after the war.

If this is successful and of interest to my readers, I might take a trip into the big city to get to library Canada and do some digging and do a summer version as well both in regards to rations but also to the victory gardens etc






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12 Responses to March Pantry Challenge 2015- 30 days of War Time Meals

  1. Sheri says:

    I come from a very long line of military family and my family members are still deployed to this day. WW2 was very rough times for my family and we had our loses. Those stories had a huge impact on who I am, my lifestyle, the natural and making things from scratch, simplicity, and thankful for everything good in my life.

    • My step-father lived it as child-teen in England, and on both side of my family had members that served, but also farmed and some stayed and worked the land, I am finding out quickly that the knowledge I gained about ww1 and ww2 in school has very little to do with what I want to talk about in regards to the Canada history.

  2. Bill says:

    I love this idea. I think it would be good for us to be reminded of those meals. We would do well to be prepared to live like that again.

    • Thanks Bill, I am overwhelmed at some of the info I am finding an reading, not just during the war but for so many years afterwards, but also I am finding a lacking of information that I want online for the Canadian perspective, I am going to have to call and book to go into the Canadian archives in Ottawa and do some personal research..

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Oh wow, can you say, “Awesome!”?
        To me, being in the Archives, actually sharing the same space with all of that (real, physical) information, would be a totally amazing experience. I mean, it’s the National Archives of Canada, a Book Geek(Worm)’s ultimate fantasy…
        Too cool for words, FG!

  3. Polearm says:

    I’m currently looking at the copy of “War-Time Cookery (to save fuel and food value)” I picked up at the Imperial War Museum at Duxford. Lots of good info and such.

    It is available online at:

    • Sheri says:

      Wow! That’s an awesome site! I remember my mom talking about those rations and how hard it was to make ends meet. No wonder “Victory Gardens” were so important.
      Thanks for the great “link” share!

      • Glad you liked it, lots of info coming and links and photos of copies of real wartime pages coming over the next month and I have ordered in a number of books on the history of the landrace womens movement and the victory gardens which I think will tie in very well to a month of things in the summer..

      • Sheri says:

        That’s wonderful! I was chatting with a friend yesterday who loves Spam. My dad loved it and we always had fried Spam & eggs on the weekend and I loved friend Spam sandwiches. With meat prices going so high I’m on a quest to collect recipes for “Homemade Spam”. Not a bad idea if it can be canned for pantry storage!

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  5. Vanya says:

    The idea is really good! It is really interesting know what kind of food people were making during those time! Lovely idea!

  6. Cara says:

    Very cool idea! I’m really interested in everything about the war and this is an aspect that I’ve never thought of researching! Greetings!

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