Garden Plans 2015- Broccoli


Such a lovely plant to grow your garden, as its a cool weather start, you can get this into the garden when the soil temps are low enough that other plants or seeds would just fall over (the whimps)

I will be starting these with the Baggy method for germination approx. three weeks before the last frost date, so around the end of April or first few days of may..

This is will be a fairly heavy planting for me on that first go round, as I want to put some way by drying for soups, and eat lots but I will also stagger plant for the first few weeks, I will add in five more baby plants weekly for around four to six weeks..

These smaller around the garden plantings are for fresh eating, when you want to put away food, there is nothing worse then little bits coming in daily. so it makes a great deal of sense to have a lot of something coming due at the same time..

However if you want to eat fresh for four to eight weeks of something, then stagger planting is one of your best friends.. as Broccoli can handle a bit of cooler temps on the back side of things, it can be grown right into fall temps with no issues..

Until I get to the last week of planting and then I will put in ten more plants for seed saving, Broccoli makes great spouting seeds, so easy to let go to flower and harvest them with the brown paper collection method for winter use.

Its important as side note that Broccoli leaves are useable in our salads or as cooked green when small and young, and as older, while possible, they make great fodder for chickens, rabbits or pigs, or sheep etc an as you can see from my photo, they get nice and big..

Harvest as much stock as possible as it is super healthy yummy and very easy to peel and dice into either rounds or match sticks and freeze for stir fries in winter.. or as you get in the store, peel, grate with carrot and make a Broccoli stem salad.. so good

But do not stop there, when you pull that plant up if you have pigs or chickens, put everything left into their pen, if its a pig, it will eat it all.. if its chickens they will enjoy cleaning it up but not quite as well as the pig does.




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5 Responses to Garden Plans 2015- Broccoli

  1. Sheri says:

    This is a plant I love to eat but have had poor luck growing. I also battle aphid on it.

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