Health Update

Well, as I have been sharing my ever so fun journey from mid summer till pretty much the first part of jan, falling, breaking bones, the loss of my step father, heading to alberta for six weeks, ending up very sick indeed, antibodics, and inhalers and more blasted bed rest and as I type fresh new stitches in my scalp

We have TURNED the page, my last chest xray is clear!

I needed to go for a host of lung tests but even I could see on the charts that it was not bad and despite using them for all the tests, I did not go into coughing fits, and even around the house and farm they are getting stronger all the time!

I can now going from cold to warm without coughing as an example

They were worried about all the regulars (in part because I had not had the tests done for a good while) so they ran them all..

I am very pleased to share,

I do not have high blood pressure

I do not have high cholesterol

I do not have diabetes or pre-levels of diabetes

I did have two pilar cysts on my head that had gotten somewhat large and I had minor surgery to have them removed, they are almost always beign but they were sent out to be checked just in case

( I did sadly have to get two spots of my hair shaved off) but my other longer hair can be made to cover it


So that leaves me a very obese middle aged women with pretty good stats to be honest.. I am clearly happy about that.


I know that everyone will have their own thoughts on it, but I firmly believe that my farm and the food I grow, harvest, put up or raise is a HUGE part of why those came back the way they did and why my body IS healing itself.

Feed the soil, which grows healthy food to feed the body.. but never forget to also feed your spirit as well.

fruits and veggies

On the girl front, I am having a full rundown to get all hormone levels checked as well as ultra sounds etc as they are creating a (package) and I am getting a new fertility doctor

Time will tell on that one..

Now to just drop the 30 pounds I put on being ill, work on getting more strength back and start riding again!

I am down seven since my last weight in at the doctors 🙂 its a good start!

10665944_586379201488796_6650160642677285414_n (3)


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7 Responses to Health Update

  1. Sheri says:

    I can see why you are loved so very much, you have a heart of pure gold. My daughter experienced 6 miscarriages, most happened in the 6th month. Her husband gave up trying and their marriage ended in a divorce. She remarried and continued on with her dream of having a family. She had her loses, for a bit, but discovered that she had a hormonal off-balance and it triggered premature birth in the 6th month. She started treatment and eventually had 2 children. It was back during the time of “losses” that I really got into organics and started learning about what was happening to our food supply. I started sharing this information with my daughter and she turned to organics also. It’s has also led her and her small family to buying some acreage and she want’s to get into gardening. I hope you keep the faith and trust the path. We may not always understand it or where it’s headed. Just know that you are loved, deeply loved by God.

    • Thank you for the wonderful message in these words, while I am sorry to read about the losses that your daughter went though, I am so happy to hear that she is thriving in her life, a wonderful hubby, and two little ones.. blessed indeed

  2. Lake Lili says:

    So glad that you are so healthy! Will pray for the fertility issues

  3. Linda Sanders says:

    I think you have a wonderful attitude and I wish you the very best always!!!!!

  4. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    All great news!
    Slow and steady wins the race: )

  5. grammomsblog says:

    Looking good! So glad to hear everything is looking up. I’m sending warm positive vibes your way…

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