Working for the greater good..

ok, compared to what lots of folks do this might seem minor but it still took hours of work now and will take hours on the back end.

Somehow threw the magic of..

That’s a great idea… to lets do that…. to we need some to do it..

Yup farmgal ended up in leader mode.. how does that happen..ahhh so be it

the bulk plant buy is sent, ordered.. my local garden group members if they worked with me on it, is bringing in

1000 strawberry plants


275 raspberry canes

2010-04-18 2010-04-19 001 002

500 2 year old asparagus crowns


and that’s on top of the bulk (run by others) sweet potato buy and regular seed pototo bulk buys..

it will be good here on the farm to expand all three harvest programs and amounts and it will be wonderful to help another ten plus gardeners do the same..

The Savings by being able to buy commercial in bulk is outstanding… example, 14 cents per strawberry plant 🙂 and that incudes their shipping an tax, the plant itself is only 11 cents.


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2 Responses to Working for the greater good..

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  2. Thanks to you letting me in on such an amazing buy my family will be able to enjoy many years of berries to come! You did an outstanding job on this! You ROCK lady!

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