Sweet Potato plans for 2015

2013-01-01 2660 (500x375)

In 2014 we grew Georgia jets, we got good results for our first year given the learning curve..

Once again my local garden group is doing a bulk order in of Sweet Potato slips, the company that we worked with last year is offering a number of new slips this year.

So keeping with the tried and got a basic understanding I ordered in twenty five of the Georgia Jets, they are the highest recommended for my area and they have a wonderful deep orange flesh.

Then I decided to play a little bit and ordered in ten of the Cuban Red Slips..

This is a red on the outside and white flesh on the inside, but with a sweet potato taste. They can be a touch trickier to grow, and if we end up with a milder summer, I might not really get much of a crop but like all gardeners, its a gamble

Somehow I am now also getting 25 purple slips now.

A combo of hard work, and luck 🙂

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11 Responses to Sweet Potato plans for 2015

  1. My friend L sent me a sweet potato. Hers are white inside, and delicious. I like them much better than the orange ones. The potato is all shriveled up and I really hope it sprouts for me when the weather warms up! Right now our house gets too cold at night for anything to grow.

  2. cecilia says:

    your gardening group sounds wonderful.. I love sweet potatoes Maybe I will give them a try this coming year.. c

  3. Sheri says:

    From what I’ve heard there’s vine and a bush types. Questions: Which are yours? How big are your plants growing? and what did you have to supply them for their growing needs, Trellis? From what I understand they prefer to grow in southern regions of the US so they prefer warmth and humidity?

    • Mine are all vining, Last year my average was ten to twelve feet long but some got 14 to 16 feet and they all got a late start. I grew them up ten feet chain link fencing and then when it hit the top, it was either ran across sideways or down the back side of the fencings. Full sun, , raised bed that was painted to help draw the heat.

      I did not do a good job last year, we ran out of time to get them planted.. so we rushed it a bit, we will be better prepared this year in terms of much bigger mounds of raised beds, I am still struggling a bit at the idea of putting plastic to retain the heat, last year I used straw and it worked well but not as good as the plastic would have

      • We will be considering possible other ideas on where they will be grown, we are planning on getting at least one or two flexable cattle panels an then creating a grow dome.. we might do this with one of the kinds of sweets, we will see

  4. Sheri says:

    Thank you for this information. They are “space & trellis demanding”. Most likely best suited for growing along a property line fence. They might be good to inter-plant with pumpkin and pole beans? I might have a good place to put a couple in my small garden.

  5. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Not sure if you follow Bill, or not; but thought you’d find his comments on starting your own slips useful…

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