o those wild tomatoes

Well, the plans for this coming year of 2015 in regards to tomato  are pretty simple..

IMG_0704 (400x300)

Four Cherry tomato plants for fresh eating


2013-01-01 376 (600x450)

Two tomato plants for fresh slicing or tomato sandwichs

farm 002The big Patch will be oxheart paste tomatos,


of which I am planning 48 to 60 plants

oxheart cut up

these will be my tomato*s for all sauces and canning purpose. These are a heritage tomato, they grow well within the days allowed in our zone.




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5 Responses to o those wild tomatoes

  1. Sheri says:

    Thank you for sharing this information. I tried to grow some tomatoes last year. My seeded in cherry types produced a little and I only got greens on the larger one’s before it got to cold. Right now it’s raining hard and the garden is flooding like I have never seen it before. Run Worms! Run!

    • Hi Sheri, Would you like me to do a indepth step by step, stage by stage growout of tomatoes from seed to seed

      • Sheri says:

        I would love for you to do this! But only when you have the time. One of my problems is I’m on an island close to the water and it’s hard to get the soil heated up. We have breezes almost all the time and this cools the soil. I plan (dream) of having a small greenhouse some day and have built the spot for it to go. The area of my small success with the cherry tomatoes was up against a short block wall on the East side of my garden rows. Once the sun got high (migrating westward) enough, it warmed the wall and the wall and plants above it gave wind protection to the plants. Above the wall is a large garden area, 2 fruit trees and herbs along the wall top. I water heavy at the top keeping the tomatoes dry. It’s kinda funny here cause every one struggles growing tomatoes and peppers, if there is success they brag to high heaven! The retired folks have mostly 0 yard work cause their yards are all rock but they got that one special spot for growing tomatoes! So much of our food comes from B.C. hot houses, all fiber, no flavor.

      • ok, thanks for the overview, any other info you have on the area, what you have available to you in terms of spots to put it etc sounds great.. I have a few tricks up my sleeves that might be able to help.

      • Sheri says:

        My zone is 8b but this is an island. Each side, each direction, is very different from each other. I’m on the south side but facing more west, the more sunny and windy side. If your on the North side you get more shade and grow moss. I’m sending you a few links to my area. This first one is from the airport above me on the hill. So I’m down hill and “right” from the airport:http://www.wsdot.wa.gov/aviation/AllStateAirports/Anacortes_Anacortes.htm
        Facing the marina the airport is to the right up the hill. You can see 4 knobby fingers of land at the marina. I’m located 2 streets back at the 2nd “right” finger.

        Just some good photos of my area:http://www.skylinemoorage.com/skyline.html

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