Apple and Ella Update-Overview

Well I finally found local breeder to me, within 15 min on country roads that has reliable  litters of weaner piglets for sale all year round, he has been doing this for 20 plus years and I hope that means that he will not turn out to be a one trick pony and will instead become a steady source.  His setup is well done, most important, his piglets are healthy, clean bright eyed and bushy.. Ella came from this Gentleman and I have a friend that has piglets from him as well and they are all thriving.

Neither Apple nor Ella are staying on the farm longer term, they have a few jobs to help with the on the farm (which they will love because it fits right in with giving them a great life) and then they are off to freezer camp, not as BIG pigs but as the typical size of commercial butcher pigs, ok well maybe a little bit bigger, I am going to send them around 300 pounds or so, I do not like to see the pigs go at much smaller then that.

They will be offered as Farmgate Pork sales, they will be available in front quarters, rear quarters, half a pig or a whole pig.

They will be sent after the spring garden season,  and I reserve the right to keep them a extra week or two to be my piggy plows (but I figure anyone buying from me, knows that all those yummy fresh greens, bugs an worms are just going to create some amazing porkchops on your plates).

Due to the rising costs of.. well everything.. I am going to be asking 5 dollars a pound, that is for the finished cut and wrapped pork, if you want bacon or ham, you will need to pay the smoking costs above and beyond..

So lets get down to what the girls will be doing, what they will be eating, and why they will have the most amazing firm and flavoured meat you can imagine!

These girls have jobs!.. Right now their jobs are very simple, grow, , snuggle in straw, play with their toys and eat the house scraps.. what can I say.. winter jobs are pretty light LOL

But as soon as it starts to warm up they are going to be moved to the big barn, they are small enough that we have moved them to the small barn that is closer to the house for the winter, and they will get busy! turning that deep packed sheep pen bedding, allowing me to rake out that composted and turned goodness for my gardens..

Then as soon as possible, they will be trained to the electric fence and we are set up to have them out in the compost pack and pile.. they will be hunting for fresh roots and grubs, and hopefully not to many frogs or toads, cause I want them to stick around!

and then one day we will turn the corner and voila, it will be early spring and they will become garden pigs.. I love my piggy plows.. they will root up and turn the soil and turn the compost into the soil and so much more for me.. They will come down each day to spend the day in the sun, fresh air and garden and go back to their pen in the evenings to have a well deserved rest in a sweet pile of straw.

Now as to what they will be eating, for grains, its a mix of locally grown, harvest, dried and ground on the same farm of oats, wheat and barley.

I will be adding in, household scraps, leftover whole milk at times, red wiggler worms, extra eggs in the spring glut and I will be feeding sprouted fodder, normally barley but the reason for the sprouting is to increase their feed protein counts.

If there is enough interest in my way of raising pigs and pork, I will with a waiting list, get two more female weaner piglets in the spring, will be used to help dig a new pond area, feed all extra garden scrapes and will be finished on fall apples

At least monthly photos of the girls will be added to the blog so you can watch them growup and see what they are doing etc.

So if you are interested, let me know in the comments or at

2013-01-01 2595 (500x375)


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