Removing skin tags with apple cider vinager

ok, I will admit it, I saw this a few times on facebook, even flipped though once and read it, soak a cooton ball hold and then put a bandied on it.. right.. yup

but I had one skin tag that was driving me crazy and it was a pain in the rear and I got the bad habit of playing with it, then it got sore and I wanted it gone.. now you can get a freeze off thing at the store for a lot of money and a hefty warning list..

or you can say. grab the apple cider vinager, if nothing else we can reduce the redness and possible and so we soaked it, and put the bandied on, it stung for a bit and then it hurt a lot less then it had been, what I was not expecting was that hubby noticed a difference in 12 hours, I noticed a huge reduction in pain, so did it again putting the vinager one twice a day.. and this morning, it just fell off, the head was dryish and intact but the root is flat and healing.

I have a few more that I am going to work on in the same way..  and see if I get as good off results.. huh.. who would have thought it.. but it work and worked well!

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7 Responses to Removing skin tags with apple cider vinager

  1. Marie says:

    Huh. thx for the heads ups. I guess we’ll be trying that!

  2. Sheri says:

    I had a skin colored mole on my face, just below my eye a bit. I used 35% food grade Hydrogen peroxide on a Q-tip, sharp clean “toe nail” cutting scissors and 2 margaritas! Applied the Hydrogen peroxide (carefully) to the mole while downing the 2 margaritas! until it looked like a cauliflower. Cut it all off while dabbing with the Hydrogen Peroxide to stop the bleeding. Worked great and I have no scar on my face. Never got those results in a Dr’s office! (Your method sounds so much better!)

  3. Rachel says:

    I have skin tags all over my neck and my armpits that I’ve just dealt with over the years. I happened to buy a jug of apple cider vinegar yesterday for no real reason. Divine intervention. Thanks!

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