Carrot-Butternut Winter Soup

carrot soup 001

I  made a bigger batch as I wanted to freeze some and also because I am craving orange fleshed items, carrots, turnips, squash etc

butternut 001

A butternut Sqaush, lets face it, after trying and successfully growing at least 12 different kinds of winter squash, you are hands down my personal favorite.

Now, this soup used leftover cut up squash, the rest having been made into a lovely fresh mashed side dish..

butternut 002

So yum.. so where was I.. o yes. the recipe.. make its in a big pot, your big soup pot so  it will leave a good amount of room for the stick blending.

One med onion, one clove garlic and if you have it, a half inch piece of fresh ginger.. peel all three, finely dice the onion and garlic but grate the ginger, add to two or three tablespoons of good oil at a med heat, in my case it was olive oil.. cook till onions are clear, then add your stock, it needs to be white stock, you can go, veggie, chicken or rabbit.. I went chicken, I added in two quarts.. to that you need three to four large carrots peeled and diced.. Two to three potatoes peeled and diced, and two cups at a min of your butternut cubes, you can also move it around and add less of any of the above and add in up to a cup of small diced winter (not summer) turnip. you should have a very full pot but your broth should cover them

carrots 001

Cook until fork tender, around 25 to 30 min could take upwards of 40 min, if you did not cut the turnip or carrots into finely chopped and did bigger.. no harm. no foul, just changes cooking time.

Once fork tender, take off heat, and after it stops boiling, add 1-4th cup of butter if you want it rich, or not.. its good either way but will have better mouthfeel with some added fat to it.. Salt, start with one tsp, white pepper start with half a tsp, and 1-4th tsp of clove or all spice.. blend well

Can be served colorful and plain, can have a tiny pat of butter and cruitons on top, can be served with a dollop of sour cream with  sprinkle of dill for color..

This soup will make a hearty lunch or supper meal.. its not the starter, its the main meal 🙂

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4 Responses to Carrot-Butternut Winter Soup

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    What are Summer vs Winter Turnip… As in, by Winter Turnip, do you mean Rutabaga?

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