Cream of Tomato-Veggie Soup

Now yesterday, I made my first batch of “Pasta” sauces, it was about 50 percent sun and vine ripe tomato’s, lots of Celery (really strong Celery), Summer Squash, Greens and Onions and Fresh lovely Garlic.

2013-01-01 2561 (500x375)

This was brought to a boil and then it was turned down to a steady simmer, and it was simmered with salt and pepper for hours till the liquid was reduced by about 20 to 25 percent..  Then it was allowed to just slightly cool and it was transferred into my trusty blender.

Normally, I use a handheld a lot when I blend tomato’s, I don’t skin them, I blend them and use them all.. but because I had so many different veggies in this lovely batch, I went with the blender as its so much more powerful.

When it was done it was a lovely super thick sauce, just what I was hoping for.. but it does not just have to be just pasta sauce.. O no, its the base for so many things that can be done with it..

Today, I took a half a pint of the finished “sauce” and I did equal amount of milk to make a cream of tomato-veggie soup, but then I chopped up a tiny bit of fresh herbs and then grated a bit of white cheese on top.. Heavenly!

2013-01-01 2562 (500x375)

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5 Responses to Cream of Tomato-Veggie Soup

  1. Sheri says:

    YUM! You always make me so hungry! I’ve been getting a lot of rain and it’s really affected my squash verities. I picked what I could this morning, got some pretty big Patty Pans and I’m going to do a big soup tomorrow. Tomatoes are a loss. I had raiders hit my last few peaches in the tree. Grrrr! It’s a dang wharf rat! Darn thing even came up onto my upper deck to see if I had anything laying around, left some poop. I’m going to have to pick my apples early to keep the varmints off of them.

    • So sorry to hear that the tomato’s are a loss, we have had rain last week every single day that the slugs are going nuts on the tomato’s but if they are taken at the right time, there are so many that its pretty min damage but its a factor none the less What is a Wharf rat, is it a rat, rat.. or something different

      • Sheri says:

        These rats are famous for climbing on boats and ships and stowing away. They “beach comb” for dead fish & crab. They can smell the sweetness of berries and tree fruits and always know when it’s ripe. They also hit bird feeders and love peanuts & black sunflower seeds.
        (Rattus norvegicus) is one of the best known and most common rats. The brown rat, also referred to as common rat, street rat, sewer rat, Hanover rat, Norway rat, brown Norway rat, Norwegian rat, or wharf rat One of the largest muroids, it is a brown or grey rodent with a body up to 25 cm (10 in) long, and a similar tail length; the male weighs on average 350 g (12 oz) and the female 250 g (9 oz). Thought to have originated in northern China, this rodent has now spread to all continents except Antarctica, and is the dominant rat in Europe and much of North America—making it by at least this particular definition the most successful mammal on the planet after humans.

  2. Bill says:

    This looks delicious! We may have to try it here. 🙂

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