Temp Kitten Foster Momma

Good Morning

Well a dear friend of mine (who works long hours) had one of her farm momma cats go MIA leaving a litter of four tiny kittens, around four weeks old or so.. They are just breaking into their first kitten teeth..

I offered to take them as a temp foster momma to get them over the hump stage of suddenly being off milk, getting bigger and stronger and learning to eat wet food and kitten kibble etc.

So we hauled in the big kitty tower which we had gotten years ago, and has been used in so many ways over the years 🙂 love those things.

Got the babies first good feeding into them, soft warmed canned food, they were attack it hungry, little paws spread out, growls coming out of their mouths, then we moved them over to 24 hours access to broken up baby kitty kibbles and water, they are eating very well, but it will be a few days before they really settle in and start to gain some of the weight they had lost.

They are such a friendly group of purrpots, they are just adoreable.. There is a long haired fluffy Calico, two bigger short haired blue boys (like the color of a Russian blue cat) and one tiny short haired little all black miss thang.. she is the one I am most worried about..

2013-01-01 2439 (383x600)

As the clear Runt of the litter, she was already smaller then the sibs.. Extra care was given to warm her up.. A chilled kitten can’t properly digest its food. The fact that she felt cool to the touch on such warm days also told me that she was struggling.

2013-01-01 2442 (600x409)

Morning Update..
Kittens are rocking it.. they are all eating, drinking and full of themselves, they had a good old fashioned play time on the living room floor while their morning cleaning was done, they have found their sleep box with fake sheepskin, they have learned to climb the walls to get to the different levels and play jump and whack you from above, they have figured out the one area is bathroom (working on that) and then there is eat and sleep area.. they have found the kitty toys, so far the bell that jingles does nothing for them but they like the strings that hang, but mainly they just play among themselves.

Yesterday, the did go outside into a safe play pen for a couple hours for fresh air and more room but its raining today so its a inside day.. good for the pasture, the well and the gardens! I will try for photos at some point..

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8 Responses to Temp Kitten Foster Momma

  1. Oh geez FG; hoping all goes well from here on out! Has little Blackie been warmer today? Love the colours on the Calico! Are they all males except the littlest one?

  2. Could she take some other type of milk, or might that just make things woese?

    • That will just make it worse, she is on fresh egg, warmed-wetted wet kitten food and she has all the dried, (broken up even smaller then they sell it) dry kitten food she wants, I have seen her drinking water a number of times, which is great, but it will be the dry food that help slow things down enough in her tummy, I started all of them on probotics yesterday and will continue to do that for at least three days.. its hard to switch from mom’s milk to food that fast.. but I am doing my best.

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hey FG! Just wondering how things are going on the kitty front…
    Is the little black girl recovering?

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