First of the new potato’s

Now this is a meal fit for a farmer..

2013-01-01 2437 (600x442)

Beef and onion patties, fresh new potato’s with butter and fresh garden pea’s..

The only things that didn’t come from the farm itself was the montreal steak spice in the meat patties, I should have thought about that more and used my own herbs.. o well next time, a true 0 mile meal none the less.

Got the last big picking, shelling and into the freezer for the spring pea’s, we will have fall pea’s crop as well, but this weekend the pea plants will get pulled up, anything I missed dealt with and beans will be planted in their place for a fall harvest..

Today, however I pulled up my first potato plant and got rewarded with a pot full of fresh little baby potato’s the kind that will cost you 5 dollars per two pounds in the store 🙂 The row they came out of it is the fresh eating row and then it will be replanted by the end of the month as well for a second crop and fall harvest..

What is finishing in your garden and what is being replanted for the second harvests..

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One Response to First of the new potato’s

  1. Sheri says:

    OMG! That’s what I made for dinner last night! YUM! I’ve got half my garlic harvest up and braided. I’m a working grandma so I’m not as sprite as you are! I’ve been harvesting peas too and they are sure good this year! So sweet! I’ve been taking up some onions, raspberries are done (first year) but ever-bearing strawberries are blooming again. Blackberries are coming on and they are big! Blueberries are about half done and Swiss Chard is heavy and the beets are about ready. Bush beans are just about ready to harvest and Pole Beans will follow, they are in a more shaded area. My pumpkins plants are going nuts and they might take the fence down. Zucchini & yellow neck squash is so-so, I’m trying them in a different spot this year and it’s been a bit slow. (They have a sweet-spot in the garden but I know I have to cycle them in other areas) Temps are going to be up in the 90’s all next week so expect warmer temps in your direction. I’m getting ready to do a big garden harvest and make my winter soups. I start by making my “Green Soups”. I can survive winter with my “Green Soups” and sour dough bread. My Rhubarb is ready to be harvested again. This will make harvest #4.

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