Garlic Scapes..

Great day Canning yesterday and I have bags of fresh ones for us, I will break them down into recipes and get some photos of meals up as well but this is how I spent most of my day yesterday 🙂

2013-01-01 2250 (600x450)

2013-01-01 2252 (600x450)

2013-01-01 2253 (600x450)

2013-01-01 2254 (600x450)

2013-01-01 2258 (600x284)

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3 Responses to Garlic Scapes..

  1. Sheri says:

    It’s so nice to see what someone else does with their scapes. I came upon another article earlier and put many of my scapes through a food processor and put it all into individual freezer bags to use in pesto, marinade, and other recipes. I keep the flower head blooms in the frig because so much coming from the garden right now makes wonderful stir fry. I harvested my scapes about 2 weeks ago. I harvested the mint & part of my Cilantro last Sunday. I had the fragrance of mint & cilantro on my hands and made Mexican food for dinner with both diced on top. It was a culinary revelation.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Those look delicious! Are they canned or pickled?

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