Wild Violets Recipes

I must do more on the healing and medical uses for the leaves, I still don’t like to eat them but my understanding and knowledge and use of them has grown since this post was done.

Just another Day on the Farm

There are folks that consider these weeds as they freely grow in my local area, so I would consider them a “wild” harvestable food. The perk of this, is that you should be able to find yourself some of these for free to transpant back into your own yard and garden.

Warning: These hardy plants spread rapidly, and so plant them where you can mow around the edges or in a area that you don’t mind if they take over as a lovely ground cover. They do well in shady areas under tree’s but are tough enough to handle most conditions. As with all edible flowers, use ONLY varieties that have been organically grown and never sprayed – and do not eat the African violets, they are not the same as wild Violets.

Leaves are heart shaped attached to long petioles, Five petaled purple or blue flower with white centers…

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