Healing Salves-Yeast or Heat Skin Rash Blend.

I made lots of this last year, and I will again make at least a 12 jars of this for household use plus I might make some to give to friends as well. As the heat comes, so does so many things that bite, sting that can use healing.

Just another Day on the Farm

Ok, so let me do the little blub first.. this is advice only, try a small amount yourself to make sure you don’t have a reaction and if anything gets worse etc discontinue use..

Now on with the show.. its spring, we are busy, its getting hotter and this means that at least for me, I am starting to deal with that wet, hot, painful rash that can appear where skin meets skin. Now in flat out terms this is happening because my skin rests on my skin and it allows yeast to grow and its a pain to be sure..

Its also something that is very, very hard to “cure” because the very suitable growth medium is done over and over again daily, the doctors will write you a cream for this and it does work, my mom uses it at the first hints of red and treats faithfully.

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