Lists.. I like lists..they get things done

I know that I have talked about this before, but I am major planner, a major list maker.. Ever morning I sit down with a cuppa and I take pen to paper and I write out all the things I know that I need to do today, Many things are basic’s, like dishes, pull meat, cook food for dogs, feed the purrpots, groom a hound, work with a horse.

Then the list gets the extra’s, things that are semi regular.. trim the hounds nails, clean the rabbit hutch’s and redo bedding, wash the water pans (sorry, they get rinced out each day but they get fully scrubbed every so many days)

then comes projects.. can one pressure canner of ground beef..  this one needs to be broke down.. pull 18 pounds of meat to thaw.. bring up 18 pints jar’s , bring up two box’s of lids, clean the pot, and then plan to do the project one day after, so that everything.. see while writing out do a full pressure canner of beef, sounds like one thing, point in fact, its at a min, a three day event from start to finish..

Now, that means that I have a number of things that roll over from the lists, which are not the same thing as the daily things..

As things are done, they are checked or crossed off, then the next day, things are moved from the didn’t get it done yesterday to today’s list.. its always the first thing added on the page, this way unfinished things, move up the list.. on the first day, it could be half way down the page or even a doodle, but the next day, its at the top of the page.. if that happens for a few days.. its either a multi day project or ? I am for some reason putting off doing it..

Within a day or two, of being at the top, I will stop and star it.. then I will give it a think.. why is it not getting done.. do I need project materials, do I need a second pair of hands, do I need good outdoor weather, do I need more time to get it done then most of my regular smaller items..

Once I can figure out those questions, then I can plan and book it to make it happen.. So something could be on the top of my list for days to even a week or more.. while I am waiting for the parts to line up correctly

Now one of two things happen when those end up on the top of the list.. either I will drop more basic things and create the space, time, and get the bigger one done..


It in fact helps get the little things done faster, now that may seem like a strange thing to have happen, but you see your mind says.. well if I can get six more little things off the list for two or three or five days, then all those things are no longer on the list, which means that you have more “breath” room for that bigger longer project..

Yup, there is one of my little tricks to help get things done..

I am so far behind on the blog after being so sick for three weeks, I have in fact started a work the blog list 🙂  so hopefully, I will be able to get a few things done soon on it..

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4 Responses to Lists.. I like lists..they get things done

  1. You would laugh if you saw our big chalk board in our kitchen! It must look just like your paper, new things going up, some things scratched off, some with stars, and some with nice check marks. Our family works from that board, and if it fell down, I think our entire farm would collapse.

    I am glad you are putting “writing in blog” at the top of your list, because I love it when you check that task off every day.

  2. Ana says:

    You always get an incredible amount done, even when not feeling well. If I don’t feel well, less laundry gets done, meals have to be leftovers or sandwiches, the family has to fend for themselves and they get grumpy, and I sleep. I’m just wimpy.

    • Ah, Thanks Ana, I do try but honestly I did a lot of sleeping, hubby said he was getting crusty but I as so sick, I didn’t even notice LOL (plus, he is just naturally a sweet guy, so his version of crusty is really not so bad!)

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