The new duck hens are here~

Now I wish I could put up photo but sometime in the last 48 hours, my camera cord went walking, and I can’t find it, its not in its place, but its not on the table either.. otherwise, I would show you wet soggy photo’s of the new girls..

Got three lovely unrelated one year old hens, one is a black ripple with white splash, one is a black and white and one is a chocolate and white.. the male I got at the bird sale is a black and white, chocolate carrier..

And with that, I am back up to the pre-sickness numbers on most things, and so I am done an ready for the breeding season..

My goose is into her second week of sitting on her nest, which is a good thing because I need her pen back..  another two weeks and she will hatch and when they are put away for the night, they will go to a nice small jug pen, instead of taking up my huge horse or piglet birthing/raising pen.

I have a lovely year old hen that has gone broody and is sitting on a big old nest of eggs, she is a week in, and so should have the first of my chicks hatching in May.

Got to see my new ram lamb and my new ewe lamb, both are stunning, the ewe just scream, I am a female, pure white fleeze on her, lovely wool and huge long body, she will carry her lambs with ease, she is a huge and of course she is be my new milking ewe as well, so we will start her training young and early.. she needs to be halter broke, lead broke, stand broke etc.. I have named her Daisy..

The ram lamb is huge! massive, and is white and black spotted, and he is lovely, rapid growth, massive back legs on him, great depth of chest, wonderful thick bone and while he has tiny spurs, he carries polled and as all the females are polled, no horns.. very nice fleese on him as well, both of them will get jackets to help keep the wool in the best shape possible as I have plans for it.

They will be weaned in a month and then come home to join the flock.. this is very good timing indeed..  Speaking of lambs, the lamb with the broken leg is healing well, he uses the broken leg for touching the ground as a steady point but does not use it otherwise, at this time, but it does very well as the three legged lamb, it and its mother are allowed limited outside time, with careful rest time in the barn for the rest, I have to laugh a little because the mother is happy to go out but also happy to bring the baby back to the safety of the pen, she puts him to bed.

The grass is coming up now, as is the weeds.. and it just won’t stop raining, the garden needs to dry out some before we will be able to plant the next round, its wet enough now, that we have to be careful everywhere we step as we are compacting the soil below our feet..

Well, lots and lots need doing today.. so had better get back to it.



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1 Response to The new duck hens are here~

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Sounds great!
    Good luck finding that cord (looking forward to seeing photos: )

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