One week on the meds..

Sunday was one full week on the meds and it has been both a fast recovery in the sence of I can breath and I am up and dressed, and its been a very slow recovery in the sence that I am weak and tire so very easily.

I did get to town for the first time in two weeks, it was short, I needed to meet and pick up my newest rooster Roger, he is a nice bigger boy of two dual meat brown egg layers, I was told he crows all the time and he does, but I didn’t expect him to be quite as much of a fighter as he is.. Him and wash went one round and Wash is still top rooster but Snickers and him, are really having a hard time sorting out who is second, I have pulled them apart, blocked them, given them huge amount of space and sure enough they are back at it, when they get the chance..

2013-01-01 1926 (600x536)

They only have a certain amount of time and I am just going to split the flock and move one of them with a couple girls to the barn but ideally I don’t want to do that, things were settling much better on day two so hopefully they will chill soon.. I have enough hens per roo, that is not the issue.

Picked up a new more very very cheap seeds in town, but sometimes, it pays to do so.. I will pay top dollar for open seeds of heritage plants for a lot of things, but sometimes, its just nice to get old fashioned flowers seeds at a fraction of the cost..  They had old fashioned wild flower seed packages on for 50 cent each and so I snagged a number of them.

We did get the wire up on the posts for the pea’s to climb, Hubby turned over one more bed, it was wet most of the weekend, but that bed is one of my raised free form beds that is on the highest point of the garden so it was ok, its being planted out into radishes and kale, one of those double plantings, I am doing kale down the middle and radish’s on the sides, but the time the middle gets big the sides will have been used and it won’t matter at that time

.2013-01-01 1924 (600x450)

Because I am still dealing with this darn dizzy’s at times, Dh got up and rode Caleb (Bruno) for me on sunday, it was great, it was a nice mixup of different things, the game plan, while he will be my trail horse, we are going to learn the skills required to do the beginner version of extreme cowboy..

2013-01-01 1922 (413x600)

That’s about it.. it rained all day Saturday pretty much, and sunday was slow moving as well, its going to be a good while before I am back up to full strength that’s for sure.

2013-01-01 1928 (305x600)



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1 Response to One week on the meds..

  1. Ann says:

    Glad you are finally improving. Hang in there!

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