March 26- Move it..

Hello Folks

Sorry, I am behind on my writing, things are going on that have left me a bit more busy then I am normally, nothing that time won’t fix 🙂

The challenge itself is going and I can see the end in sight, and let me tell ya, the first week of being able to eat from the store, will have a lot of salad, and fresh fruits in it..  that’s for sure.. I will start up my daily juicing..

In fact I think if this challenge this year has a big lesson its the fact that while we can eat local and from the pantry, even so, we truly programmed to think “global”, a perfect example is getting Vit C from Spruce tips, easy to do, I have them in the yard, and there are lots of great ways to bring them into your meals, but so many others are, I will dry lemon’s or limes or have lemon juice etc..  and that’s great up to a point..  but I really do think its worth learning what you can get locally as well.

So now to a good topic, I have been given permission from Dh to “softly” look for our new riding horse, My dad is looking at barns and he is working on getting things set up for having his horse’s, I don’t expect Sam to leave anytime soon, I am not even sure if he will leave this year, but I am hopeful that it will be ready by this fall, if they are going to room and board him while dad works for the winter, then it might make more sense for him to just stay here, that is up in the air at this time.

But what is not up in the air, is that while general riding of Sam is good, if I am going to put many hours of training and clinics and do different things, it would be better to do these with a horse that was staying for many years. I adore the big old guy, but my folks picked him because he was a good fit for them, and I think that is still the case 🙂

So I am gently looking now for our second horse, I have a good list of “rules” and so it might take  a while to make it happen 🙂 or the right horse might fall into my lap, you never can tell..

Now onto the not so good news..  I am having a fowl issue.. its related to a intestinal bug that one of the new birds brought onto the farm and its causing some real issues..

Now the big problem becomes, the healthy adult fowl are immune but carriers but put a little stress in there and BAM, we have real problems.. Start bringing in wee ones and suddenly, I am throwing good money after bad..

So there are a few ways to deal with this..

Treat everyone with dewormer and antibodics and see if we can kick it from the current healthy but carrying birds, combined with total spring cleaning of pens, composting of bedding and vitconing all pens before putting in fresh bedding and I mean all the pen, the floor, the walls, the perches, the nesting box’s everything..

And then repeat in two weeks and then see what happens.. This is where we are at now, I don’t like using medication for no reason in feed but when something like this happens, I am so thankful that we have vets and medication.


We cull, we cull every single fowl off the farm, putting all the healthy ones into the freezer for us, we clean everything out, we Vitcon it all.. and we go the whole summer/winter with no birds, and we bring in all new chicks in late winter and start all my programs over..

That’s what I am looking at right now.. and I am split.. I know, that the better choice is Cull hard now.. clean, treat an carry over the laying hens till fall.. cull them all.. going into winter with clean pens, and no fowl on the farm at all.. and then bring in all new chicks, ducklings or pullets, or goslings in late winter and start over..

But they have names and some of them have been with me for up to six years now.. they are not just “birds” they are part of the farm, they are part of my day, they have jobs to do, no fresh eggs, no babies for the whole season, no bug patrol on the gardens, no fly control in the barns and yards..

Torn, so torn.. and that is where I am at..  FG

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14 Responses to March 26- Move it..

  1. That’s a tough choice. Lots of tough choices in the farming life from what I can tell. Lots of life and death decisions.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    I am very sadly behind on this kind of info…
    Will a total absence of live birds and then treating with this “Vitcon” stuff guarantee that 100% of all parasites are eradicated?

    • Hi Deb,

      I have found out I can take the next bird that pass’s to the local collage and for a hundred, they will do all the testing and confirm what it is I am dealing with, however having spoken to some experts today, they feel that I am on the right track with the wormers, the vit treatment, and the medicated feed for a set amount of time. Because its effecting my waterfowl and not effecting my chickens, that helped narrow it down a lot. Was surprised to find out what was the different things that “have been showing up locally”.. wow, I almost feel lucky that I have been so issue free for so long.. strange as that sounds.

      It would appear that I “might” not need to do the cull, if we can figure out what it is, and then we can figure out if those that lived are immune or if they are shedders.. if they are carriers, they said, that I need to decided if I want to work with and breed with natural immune and then just disclose if and when I want to sell babies or if I want to cull the rest of the flocks and start over..

      I was reminded that for many things, its better to work with the leftover flock that has natural immunity..

      And the answer is removing (culling the birds) and cleaning will give me a clean slate but it will not mean that new birds won’t have things come and go.. all my animas carry something or somethings.. but what has happened, is something new got brought in and my flocks are self-culling if you will.

      Its enough to drive me crazy, I just want to do something positive and helpful.. we always think we can control everything and sadly life SO does not work that way..

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        So you’re not sure if this is parasitic infection, then?
        I just found some really interesting things about Vit C and Saline loading along with anti-parasitic herbals to make the host body(bird, in this case) inhospitable and literally “cook” the parasites internally; at least that’s the theory, as I understand it…
        And, it sounds like it’s working too! There are a TONNE of articles on this… Here’s my Google search request, if you want to just do a cut and paste “salt/Vit C/Herxheimer reaction”
        Apparently this cleansing method is being used by people who have Lyme Disease and all of the wild side issues it can cause? Thought at first that I’d gone totally off-track here; but now I’m not so sure…
        Let me know what you make of this, will you?

      • I hear you but I am going to follow what was recommended and see how that goes for right now

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Oh and (in my humble opinion; ) Immunity, Immunity, Immunity!

  3. Wow I am sorry.
    The first rule of thumb for me taking in new fish is a “hospital” tank – quarantine them. Do you quarantine the new fowl that you get? If so, how long before the problem showed up? I just wondered what I have to look “forward” to dealing with.

    Sam is going? I thought he was a “forever” horse.

    • yes, and It showed in about ten days, but it moved by our boots.. sam was picked and bought by my folks, it was always in the cards for him to go to my dad’s farm when they are ready for him, brandy is my horse. Sam is mine on borrow, he his my dad’s retirement horse.

  4. Thank you, I will have to remember the time frame for things showing up.

    That’s neat about Sam being your dad’s horse. I hope Brandy won’t miss him too much

  5. Marie says:

    I know nothing of birds but I know infections. (3 kids = macrobiologic warfare) Summer is here soon, so how about moving the birds away from their usual space, in a temporary shelter. That way you can treat them AND do your clean up. That way you can see if there is improvement. If not, then you aren’t losing time either with the culling and cleaning stuff. The way I see it, even if you completely get rid of all of your birds, nothing is certain that you won’t pick up anything in your next batch.

    • Hi Marie,

      You are correct in all the things you wrote 🙂 I am working on it, I am on a program, and we have now been 24 hours without a loss.. lets give this program the required time and see if I can support the remaining birds in different ways to the point that they can kick this..

  6. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    So, what kind of deworming meds did you say you’re using?

    • They are all vet grade, its a total of three different things, the wormer, then vit/mineral/electrolyte mix then antibodic, then back to the electrolyte plus mix for so many days, then repeat everything in 30 days.

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        I’m guessing the electrolyte supplement is doing something similar to the saline regimen I came across yesterday. Funny how things work, isn’t it?

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