March 22- Its a snow day..

Well, I could say, O mother nature you are a heartless @%& , its snowing again, its blowing again and I think Old Man Winter is laughing his rear off..

2013-01-01 1713 (450x600)


2013-01-01 1719 (600x450)

I could say, ah, look at the pretty white world, I won’t be seeing it this pretty again soon, it will be wet, mud, and shit all over the farm LOL  I could say, what a lovely way to get to spend a Snow Day in the house with my man.. We are both in clean mode.

I think I will go with Number two, because I watch Brandy had a temper fit in the pasture, she is the first and only horse I have ever owned that gets angry when the weather does not go the way she thinks it should, and to tell the truth, while it made me laugh, it also reminded me that its better to chill and deal, then to kick a fuss and get no where 🙂

Well, the big talk around the breakfast table was berries, we went to the bathroom window and we told and plotted.. you see there is a nice patch of land there that is just wild and free, and while it does produce a few things that I can harvest, overall, its “untapped” land, and that just has to change.. O my yes.. the back row is going into Black Berries, I am pretty sure that it will be Chester, a nice thornless type that will do well in my zone and then in the wild food forest, I am going to put one or two Illini Hardy, because they can handle a full zone plus colder, for a just in case, they have thorns, and grow like wildfire I am told, something that is prefect to have the farm but not needed quite yet in full production but I do like the idea of having thorny blackberries around, as they can make a effect livestock fence in a pinch 🙂

While I would prefer free, once I got a handle on what Dh wanted, I went o my..  he wants a total of 6 full rows,  the front area is to be shade greens, then half sun/half shade bee plants , then the canes in the rows, two rows of a hundred (plus fill) for early, two rows of a hundred for mid season,(plus fill) and two rows of a hundred for fall to frost..

Then he wants a second rows of bee plants, with a full hedge row of Blackberry on the backside, we will only be picking the front of those bushes, as the back will be for the birds and ask as a windrow to the farmers land.. O my, this is was a project of a size I was not quite expecting, but I have to admit that it will be worth it in the end..

Tracked down a source where I can get the kinds I want for .90 cents per cane, as long as you buy a hundred of them at a time. still that is a lot of money.. I just can’t push it that hard, my plan is to start with 25 canes per row, and use the other area for garden work until they produce, and I can find free canes from different sources to fill in the lines..

I see the value they will bring to the farm, I see the need, but dang that is a huge amount of my garden budget..  What do you budget to your garden per year? I typically spend between 300 to 500 each year on seeds/plants/fruit bushes/tree’s..  hmmm that’s about 3000 to 5000 over the past ten years..  Currently this year, I am doing quite well, I have only spent 105 of my budget. But I have a order in with a friend, and I have mushroom spores that are to be coming as well..

Still I would love to hold it closer to 3 then to 5 this spring if I could do so.. of course this spring is not helping at all, you see when my gardens come online, I can lower my critters feed bills, the rabbits are almost all free feed for months, the chickens feed gets cut by upward of 80 percent for months, the pasture critters are the same, but so far, we are feeding like its the middle of winter.

Breakfast was made by my man, he did scrambled eggs, two slices of bacon and one slice of toast

Lunch was leftovers from supper last night..

Supper is green salad with steak..  Making a batch of fresh bread today, might do something into jam roll with part of it for hubby’s snack, will share if it happens..

So I have new photos of lambs that “hopefully” are planned to join the flock when they are weaned..  one is to be my new ram, he is a lovely Karakul/Icelandic cross, he is Black an White, and a total little darling.. (I am taking leap into wool sheep, I am not sure if this is good or not but there will only be two of them for a while, and I will get jackets for them to keep the wool as clean as possible) but I am really after the growth rate but most important is the milkness of the line..

ram lamb

the fact that I will get a mix of colors from his coat is just a bonus 🙂 Now here is the little girl, her mother is so milky, she has a udder much like some of the dairy sheep I have seen, and her half sisters appear to have gotten it from her, so I am very very hopeful this little doll will have as well.

ewe lamb

She is a white lamb, again with a wool coat, but she is also half Icelandic, so she will be able to throw color in her lambs, which means that I will have very nice proper full lamb size hides to work with, right now, I have wool on the newborn lambs and hair hides on the adult size.

Its will be a very good thing to add new blood to the flock, I did so like the ram that we were watching for the growout last year but his horns grew wrong, and so as much as I liked him, I made the choice to past and wait for this years lambs..

The rest of the day is all about housework 🙂 At least the tunes are cranked, the sun is shining and its done nice to have someone in the house to talk to.. other then the hounds or purrpots…

Have a great day, cheers!

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3 Responses to March 22- Its a snow day..

  1. LuckyRobin says:

    Oh, the sheep are just adorable. Have you mailed the apron yet? It hasn’t come…

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Such sweet babes, FG!: )

  3. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    That’s a …. lot of berries; )
    I have a response for Winter here…

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