March 21st..

O spring, where are you! LOL, I still have not gotten to tap, I still have not a single sap run yet, its all frozen..

but I have faith, I went in on a bulk order with some other local garden folks and I will be getting 25 northern short season sweet potato’s slips coming in around the first week of june. Now I like to eat sweet potato’s but I have never grown then before, so this is a new to me project, I need to do research on them and what will need to be done and might even need to plan a little different on the garden in terms of moving things around to make sure they get their best spot, I also need to move my hops around, I am going to split them up and move some to the food forest and some to a different spot for summer growth.

This morning’s breakfast was canned peaches with oatmeal, lunch was the same soup as yesterday and supper is going to be pasta with sauce with white sauce with lots and lots of spinach and stirfry veggies..

I decided that with the weekend plans that I would wait till the lower daytime rates and then burn though the weeks laundry, so it all done for the weekend, I have two loads left and all caught up..  so that is off the plate on the weekend.

The more I can get done in the house today, the more we can spend the weekend outside, IF it warms up as much as they say, I want to get the taps in for the sap run.. I want to work in the barn, I want to clear snow from a small area by the side of a building and get wintersown tubs out and in that area, and I want to clean pens a bit.

Ps, if any of you are local and have early to mid-season raspberry canes, that you might be willing to part with a few babies or canes, I would be ever so grateful, I would be willing to do a plant swap if I have anything you might be interested in? Let me know, I have late season Rasberry canes, they produce well but I need to get my growing season more staggered and I am a little stunned at the current prices for canes online, I will own up to the fact that I have never bought raspberry canes no matter where I have lived, I just ask around and someone is clean out babies..

I know that the local apple orchard has a good patch, I will talk to them and see if I can get a few babies, and the local beekeeper has a huge! massive patch, I should talk to him as well.. anyway drop me note if you are local to rockland, casselman, Bourget or can do a meet and greet in Ottawa if needed.. Thanks..

I am very hopeful that it will be warm enough that I will be able to ride one or both days, we will see..

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3 Responses to March 21st..

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hey FG, they’re not red raspberries, but I’ve got a (well-started) black that needs to get “Outa There!” If you’re interested I could bundle it(them?) up somehow and send it your way, someday… (It’s currently under 3 feet of snow):

    • O darling, you are so sweet and I will take as many as you are willing to send and I will figure out a way to get the shipping costs back to you! Hugs!

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Or we could do a direct transfer? With the way this year’s been going so far, who knows how long it’ll be before the ground’s thawed out enough to start digging… (Besides, I’ve never done a dig-it-up for bare root ship & transplant before):

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