First line of help- the birds

Ok, 2014 I am ready for a change.. I am putting it out there.. enough already..   I have had more issues in the past three months then I normally have in a number of years.. stop now!

Moving on.. here is the first line of defence for the birds, they are going to all get, as are pretty much everyone else, we are doing a mass treatment, cleaning so that everyone gets the first line of defence on this..

We are doing a parasitic dewormer in everyone’s water, this is by far the easiest way to confirm that everyone is getting treated on the same day..

Then I will wait, watch and send out a poo sample and we will see..  this is planned to be repeated in 30 days.

I hope this helps.. On the positive side, my ewe with the limp is doing well and the lamb with the bump leg is also growing and healing very well.. thankfully “knock” on wood, so far, everyone else seems just fine..  Please stay that way!

We are getting a break in the weather, we have four days Friday/sat/sun/Monday of above 0 and its all going to be about.. clean, clean, clean! to go with the meds..


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One Response to First line of help- the birds

  1. I wish I lived closer so I could help with your work load. Remember to take breaks so you don’t end up sick.

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