March 10th

Well, it was a busy day folks, Dh had his writers group in the evening, which meant that I was on double farm duty, while Dh had his latest story pulled apart and advice given, this story makes me laugh, he wrote a zombie story once and it was all about life in a new world that had found a way to create a working world, while still dealing with the zombie’s and that everyone who dies is infected and turns into a zombie, there is things like all family members must lock themselves in at night in case of heart attack, travel is wild and detailed and involves needing to shave everything off and getting naked for bite marks etc.

Despite how amazingly detailed and real he has made this world (it could have any number of spin offs stories come for it) he made the story about family and generation push and pull, the older gen having the scars from it happening and the younger gen grow up never knowing different but dreaming about the freedom they read about in books..

Anyway when he told me he was going to write a vampire story, I was like ya! I laughed my ass off, I will not give to much away, but my man loves to write in such a way that its not us but its got elements of us, so are you ready.. the vampire in the story…. its his favorite sheep and the sad “Renfield” type is the poor farm, and let me tell ya, its a good one.. There is a moment when the ewe demand he bring her lamb to her and its done so well, I am like.. NO! Don’t eat your baby Vampire sheep, and then you find out her love is still there and she in fact wants to make her into a vampire as well..

Where does that man come up with these idea’s?

Anyway Breakfast was a puffy egg and onion omlet, with tea and honey, Lunch was mushroom fried rice (with egg) and supper was steak.. and could you ever tell that hubby was not home, because the steak was huge (enough for both of us) and I seared a crust on both sides in a hot, hot pan, the middle was med-rare, enough to make the plate swim with pink and a huge spoon of sour cream was placed on it done with lots of montreal steak spice.. and that was it.. no sides in any way.. just a huge plate of meat! It was heavenly!

No dessert, I drank a lot of water, and I did a lot of walking yesterday afternoon, I hung clothes out on the line, it was mild and dry for the morning and then snow started in the late afternoon and now they are snow covered, but they will smell great when they are done.

Got a fair amount done but mostly things not on my list, so today I need to get more done.



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3 Responses to March 10th

  1. Lake Lili says:

    If you sheer the sheep do they loose their desire to bite you? Is one named Sampson? Wonderful premise!

  2. Grace says:

    We had a heavenly day 72 deg and I made the oatmeal bread with a few additions and substitutions a wonderful experience as I played with the recipe and dough. Memories of my Mother came flooding back. Watching her as a child making whole grain bread for us twice a week long before the health advantages were known. But the thrill of experimenting with this and creating a super taste treat inspired me to share the bread with grandson who is caring for our pregnant heifers. Having no sheep for milk I used almond milk with 2 T coconut oil and added ground golden flaxseeds. Next time I may add sunflower or sesame seeds and the satisfaction of kneading until the consistency was just right. May need another piece soon. Thanks but I’ll have to pass on vampires!!!!!

    • Glad you enjoyed the bread and its so much fun to play with recipes, learning to cook and bake till you can know what things need to look like is a wonderful tool in our life tool box.

      As for the vampire sheep, I will to a two bit bet that it will sell pretty fast for him, but its not everyone’s cuppa tea.

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